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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Working for a cause

I finally got a job. Not the best job it is ideal for the moment with the time and the distance. It was convenient and right for both K and me. I get the night shift and he does the morning and afternoon shift. We don;t get to spend much time together as much though but it is a light job and it works... for now :)

I am called a fund raising sales representative. Our job is to call up people and tell them about the charity that we are handling which is the Elk Childrens Camp. It if raising funds to send various handicapped children to a special camp to develop their social skills and self confidence. they can help by sponsoring a child or several ones to the camp. We do have several levels of packages that they could halp out with. From the one day package of $20 - to as high as a 7 day package for a child at $122.50.

It is not an easy job considering how may rejections we get every single night but there are also a lot of people who do take time to listen to the program and help and some who just listens. Coming from the side wherein I am the one calling up for funds, I realized that I really do appreciate those people who can;t help but did listen to what I had to say. In the end, I can say that I did my best and I did get people to listen to the program. If the results does reflect my hardwork, then it is an added bonus :)

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