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Sunday, June 28, 2009

More... Ice Cream

Just like mommy
Kimi loves the ice cream in the halo halo


The Imperial Court

Chinese Cuisine for Sunday's lunch...

We discovered this Chinese Restaurant way back in 2007 when K was still having his driving lessons. I would go with him for the drive and have a casual date here at this restaurant for their yummy dimsums.

Imperial Court
6360 No. 3 Road, Unit 6-7
Richmond, BC V6Y 2B3
Tel: 604-270-6169

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Halo Halo Delight!

With Summer finally here! One of my favorite dessert in Manila was the halo halo. It is a mixture of beans, gulaman, ube, ice cream and the leche flan with a portion of shredded ice and milk...

I finally got my cravings appeased at Josephine's, a filipino restaurant that serves Filipino favorites...

I am so happy that we stumbled upon this restaurant.
Their combo dishes are all so good. I can't seem to get enough of the dishes and ended up eating a full cup of rice each time I dine here.

Josephine's Restaurant

2650 Main St.
Vancouver, BC V5T 3E6
Tel: 604-876-8785

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mongolie Grill

We had an early lunch one time at Richmond. Deciding to try a different cuisine, we opted for Monglie Grill.

The place was pretty dim for my taste and I don't like the decoration, it was surrounded by a ceiling mural of a dessert which doesn't help. The food price was quite high if you compare it to U-Grill's and the taste is way tastier than that of Mongolie Grill. The service was very good though and they have a new way of eating the dishes. They also serve hoisin sauce and wraps for making your food burrito style or you can eat it the traditional way, with rice.

Overall, we had a good time eating as a family because Kimi loves the corn chowder that comes with the order and she ate a lot of rice and was well behaved all throughout dinner. She even ate on her own and loved the lemonade that was being served.

Mongolie Grill
8400 Alexandra Road
Richmond, BC V6X 3L4
Tel: (604) 276-0303

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Larger than life...

One of the biggest mall here in Vancouver, Metropolis at Metrotown, has unearthed one of the most ambitious displays in Canada. A Larger than life replica of the prehistoric creature that used to roam our planet.

A must-see for kids and adult alike.

Kimi and Papa Karl with the fossil display

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby at 15 Weeks...

15 weeks pregnant

Starting this week, any stomach rumblings you feel may be your baby trying out some acrobatics, since she can now move all her limbs. She's also becoming sensitive to light. If you shine a flashlight at your belly, she's likely to move away from the beam. Anxious to know whether she's really a she or actually a he? Your baby's external genitals are probably developed enough by now that an ultrasound technician could make a good guess at the sex. An amniocentesis and blood work is often recommended at this stage (about 16 weeks) for women over 35 and those who have a family history of birth abnormalities. It's also a test that can tell you for certain whether you're expecting a girl or a boy... if you want to know.

That goes to show that it isn't just my imagine and it really is the baby finally doping acrobatics inside me....hhhmmm. The gender of my baby will be known on the July 12th :)

I wonder if Kimi is having a baby sister or a baby brother...

...and I finally found Kimi's pregnancy calendar :)
I was due December 14th then.... this time? December 13th.... Hmmmm... Big chance of getting the same birthday.... A DOUBLE CELBRATION?


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gelato for the summer day...

One Summer day, Sabrina and I decided to stroll along with the babies to our nearby mall, Highgate Mall at Kingsway. We ha to have the gelato after a sumptuous meal at the Japanese place in front of the Save on Mall. There beside the small restaurant is Adria Gelato.

With the owner manning the counter, it was great experience for me since whe was really warm and cheery as she took our orders. She recommended the mango flavor which she claimed was the best seller and the most recently made one for me to try.
I was really aiming for a not too tropical flavor that afternoon but decided to go with her suggestion. I wasn't disappointed with my choice because it was really very good with the right combination of sweetness and creaminess that I love.

Kimi kept on asking for a taste of my gelato and couldn't get enough of it. She ended up with the cone and kept at it until it was already gone. Oh well, she can be possessive when she wants something, and she surely wants that gelato...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Taste of Belgium...

One of the things I look forward to in our playdates are the food that are being shared among friends...
With great conversations to keep the eating more pleasureable, the different foods contributed by each mommies for lunch is what keeps every playdate a surprise to look forward to each week.
This week's playdate, Steve (Sara's hubbby), just came back from a work trip in Belgium and what would a trip to Belgium be without hoarding a lot of chocolates to try bring home?
It was pretty lucky for Sab and me that we get to try those oh so delightul chocolates that was too pretty to eat. it reminded me of a new set of oil pastel with perfect tips that I wouldn't want to make use of when I was in my Interior Design days at UST.
... I did say it looks too pretty to eat, but the temptation of trying it out is far greater so we took a souvenir shot of the box to keep as memory and enjoyed the sinful tastes of those chocolates....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Miss Sunshines...

The weather was perfect for another rendezvous with Mommy Sara and Baby Sam...

The Trio was perfectly happy to keep themselves entertain...

POSEeee :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

To Bellis Fair

Located in Bellingham, Washington. This was one of the nearest shopping mall from Vancouver...

With 4 of the biggest stores inside the mall, there is a lot of things to see.
Target, Kohl's, JC Penney and Macy's
The boutiques though are pretty standard. Not much of the trendy boutiques that I was expecting. Old Navy and Gap are present, of course. My favorite was the Bath and Bodyworks, I finally found the handsoap that I got a sa gift from Manila that I really love and at a price that is just as good.
- Kimi and Karl
Bellis Fair
One Bellis Fair Parkway,
Bellingham, Washington 98226

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ivar's Clam Chowder

The best clam chowder soup that I have ever tasted...

So when we came across this sign at one of the malls nearest the US Border, we definitely decided to eat the clam chowder again...

Started in 1938, It is no wonder that they have perfected the clam chowder the way that they have. With a motto like they have, it is very obvious just what their specialty is...

... the clam chowder in sourbread bowl.


Baby happy hour

When babies have their gimik...

This is how they do HAPPY HOUR

Friday, June 12, 2009


We are pregnant!

And it was finally confirmed when I had my first checkup yesterday. At first, I thought that I had simply missed a month's period but when 2 more months passed and there is still no period, I finally had to schedule for a confirmation...

I finally had a checkup with Dr. Shelley Ross, they say that she is the best doctor for expectant mommies here in Burnaby and I completely felt at ease with her when I got to meet her. She was thorough with her explanation that when she asked me if I had any questions, I couldn't think of any because she has answered all of them within the few minutes of meeting her.

I had my first physical examination which consists of a pap smear, internal examination and the checking of the baby's heartbeat. The heartbeat was really strong and I am happy to finally say that it has became real to me when I heard those strong beats from the baby's little heart... for Kimi? She kisses my tummy and says- Baby? as if she understand the concept that there is a whole new life inside me and she knows that she is going to be a big sister, soon.

I am now 3 months and the baby is due on Dec 12th. Uhmmm... The baby might decide to share Kimi's bday but I hope it doesn't ;) just so they could each have a special day of their own.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Up and Down

Kimi is finally learning how to go up and down the stairs...


:) Such a brave little baby...

Got to teach her than let her discover on her own and risk an injury :(

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summer BBQ

Just look at the array of foods that we are about to devour....

It was a perfect day to have an outdoor barbeque... It was too bad that Sab and Bri was not there to be with us since they are having their nth honeymoon at Portland, U.S of A :)

what's up there little Kimi?

...and playtime for the four princesses...

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kisses from Kimi

I managed to capture Kimi at a pre-kiss pose...

Aaaw.... Soooo cute :)

I wish I can have her this way forever.. So sweet and so happy just to have me and K at her side...but little girls will grow up soon. I should just treasure each day as it comes and make the most out of it :)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Getting Tropika-L

For a dinner treat to celebrate the arrival of a memeber of the family. We went to Tropika, Richmond. A double date plus one since we had to bring Kimi with us to lessen the load for Sab's mom :)



What I enjoyed most from the dinner was the company of those people I am dining out with. It was a bonus that all the dishes that came out of the kitchen was really more than what I expected, or maybe I was a wee bit hungry...



Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Kimi got her shots!

It is finally the time of the month wherein Kimi has to have her 18th month shot. I chose a blue outfit which was quite short already but haven't been worn more than 2x. I also got the headband I reserved just for the occassion. An exact complement to her outfit. Navy blue and Citrus green... :)

Unaware of the pending pain that is about to happen. She went about her usual day with a smile especially when she realizes that she is going for a ride in the car.


It was a long wait in the clinic, but Little Kimi was sitting all poised at the waiting chair scanning a magazine beside mommy. She was so cute that a lot of people were saying hi to her from across the waiting room and even watched her while she pretends to read from the magazine.


Alas! our turn. Kimi followed mommy excitedly from the seat to the weighing area and got herself weighed for her records. She also got her height checked and had a measure of her head circumference.

Inside the room, the needles were being prepared. She seems to finally realize what was going to happen and opted to hide inside the nook on the side of the bed, Mommy had to coax her out with a song to get her to come out from her hiding place.

Kimi was so brave she didn't cry when the first shot was injected. I was so proud of my little baby when the second shot was injected, then, a loud cry broke... ooooh! She finally felt the pain of the second shot.The doctor actually said that the second one would hurt and I was relieved to see that she only cried for a few seconds. Everything was okay in her world after the first few seconds of shock from the intruding needle.... MY BRAVE LITTLE BABY GIRL.... Mwaaaah!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Little Friend...

Kimi got herself a small baby boy friend... She was playing Big Sister with Justin. She was so gentle with Little Justin, which is a little out of character for her, that she must have felt that this is a baby and she should be careful because he is fragile.... She even went to lie beside him, careful not to squish him as she tries to position herself on his side...
So happy to be able to squeeze herself on the edge of the bed. She gave a big smile as mommy tries to take a pic of them both...
Kimi left Little Justin a soouvenir.... A sweet peck on the check :) Aaaaw... Sweet (i just wished I captured that one on camera...)


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