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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gelato for the summer day...

One Summer day, Sabrina and I decided to stroll along with the babies to our nearby mall, Highgate Mall at Kingsway. We ha to have the gelato after a sumptuous meal at the Japanese place in front of the Save on Mall. There beside the small restaurant is Adria Gelato.

With the owner manning the counter, it was great experience for me since whe was really warm and cheery as she took our orders. She recommended the mango flavor which she claimed was the best seller and the most recently made one for me to try.
I was really aiming for a not too tropical flavor that afternoon but decided to go with her suggestion. I wasn't disappointed with my choice because it was really very good with the right combination of sweetness and creaminess that I love.

Kimi kept on asking for a taste of my gelato and couldn't get enough of it. She ended up with the cone and kept at it until it was already gone. Oh well, she can be possessive when she wants something, and she surely wants that gelato...

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