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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Kimi got her shots!

It is finally the time of the month wherein Kimi has to have her 18th month shot. I chose a blue outfit which was quite short already but haven't been worn more than 2x. I also got the headband I reserved just for the occassion. An exact complement to her outfit. Navy blue and Citrus green... :)

Unaware of the pending pain that is about to happen. She went about her usual day with a smile especially when she realizes that she is going for a ride in the car.


It was a long wait in the clinic, but Little Kimi was sitting all poised at the waiting chair scanning a magazine beside mommy. She was so cute that a lot of people were saying hi to her from across the waiting room and even watched her while she pretends to read from the magazine.


Alas! our turn. Kimi followed mommy excitedly from the seat to the weighing area and got herself weighed for her records. She also got her height checked and had a measure of her head circumference.

Inside the room, the needles were being prepared. She seems to finally realize what was going to happen and opted to hide inside the nook on the side of the bed, Mommy had to coax her out with a song to get her to come out from her hiding place.

Kimi was so brave she didn't cry when the first shot was injected. I was so proud of my little baby when the second shot was injected, then, a loud cry broke... ooooh! She finally felt the pain of the second shot.The doctor actually said that the second one would hurt and I was relieved to see that she only cried for a few seconds. Everything was okay in her world after the first few seconds of shock from the intruding needle.... MY BRAVE LITTLE BABY GIRL.... Mwaaaah!

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Anonymous said...

I totally love Kimi's outfit!!!!! :)


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