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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blood Test

There is a new test being done to pregnant women this time of my pregnancy. It is called the SIPS test which is consist of having two blood tests to check the probability of a baby's chance for a birth defect. Although this is optional, I did try completing the first blood test with no drama.

My second blood test was a different story. I got poked 3 x bby 3 different Medical technicians at 3 different locations and they can't seem to locate my vein. It was too small according to them :(.The thing is they poked me once and once inside they had to pull it out a bit and try at different angles to find the vein. I could almost feel my blood draining out from what they were doing... I am scared of needles and doing it for three times with no success was a trauma for me... When they couldn't get blood from the normal spot they tried getting them from my hand. They also do the pulling out strategy then finding an angle then putting it in again... Aaargh! Poor hand. And all they can say was that- They were sorry and if I would like to be poked for the fourth time....!?

Oh no! I am getting out of there! They say three times a charm but I guess all of them doesn't have it in them to make it work :( it was a waste of my time.... Sigh* I am actually considering not doing the SIPS Test altogether. I didn;t realize that it was just an option until I already got the two requisition form with me...

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