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Friday, July 17, 2009

...A Boy- this time around :)

I am so glad I could finally use this image which I found on the internet way back before I had my ultrasound. I didn't want to jump into conclusion then but had to peek at the images available if in case it did turned out to be a baby boy this time...

I have to admit though that during my ultrasound, I also made a superhuman effort to concentrate on all the things the sonologist has been typing in the hope of getting a clue on the gender of my baby, and when I saw her type "XY", I tried to contain my excitement because if memory serves me right, it means boy... hmmm, but then, doubt began to enter my mind and I tried to think of any other relevance to XY to an ultrasound. It is quite impossible that it is for the coordinates of something because that is the only XY that I can connect it to.

I had to wait 4 days though before I can finally breathe and confirm from the doctor that, YES! IT IS FINALLY A BOY... I got it right :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Boy! Oh Boy! It is such a BOY year! :)


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