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Monday, July 06, 2009

What would the next one be?

One more week to go and we will finally know if our Kimi will be having a little brother o little sister.
K doesn;t mind having a girl. Me? I am really not so sure which I like more. I would love for Kimi to have a sister she can grown up with but I would love to have a baby boy to dress up as little K. It would be a new experience having a boy this time because we already expereienced having a girl. We are hand on parents from the day she was handed to us. My little Kimi co sleeps with me from day one up to present. Although it may be frustrating at times, I just couldn't sleep without her near me.

I love the way she curls up to me at night and wakes up and says mommy?! mommy! first thing in the morning, if I do feign sleep, she would kiss me on my lips and try to force my eyes open with her little fingers...

...July 13th. And finally we will be able to choose names next :)

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