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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Goodbye Summer 2009

The First party I ever attended and took part in with an event that as simple as saying goodbye to a Summer Season. It was a simple reason for a celebration, but celebrate we did with a potluck party. Rice Casserole, Seafood Paella, Lasagna, Pizza, Steamed dumplings and a lot more. The common theme for our food was CARBOHYDRATES he he!

It was a fun filled weekend for us...

Goodbye Summer, till next year! :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Return of the First Emperor

We went to Aberdeen Centre for an Asian lunch last weekend and was delighted to find the Sand Art display of the Return of the First Emperor at the center of the mall. It was really a sight to see with all of it's sides carefully crafted with details that you could marvel.

As I looked at all the statues, I remembered all the history lessons we had during my high school days of the famous Emperor Qin Shihuang and all the projects that goes with it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

... Magic 6

We are recently joined by Mommy Jo who went for a leave of absence to join our regular Mommy Play date...
It was really great to finally meet her and to finally have a face to go with the name :)

3 baby boys and 4 baby girls...

Soon enough the baby boys will outnumber the girls when Mommy Sab, Mommy Joy and Me finally gave birth to boys...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer... Almost Over...

It was good while it lasted... hot and dry at times but it was really a great summer this year with more friends to spend it with that last year...

I can't believe that I am already here for 2 summers straight.... It has been so long since I've breathe the Manila air and I guess I will b waiting for a fw more months or a year before attempting to plan a trip back home....

For now, I have to plan my impending delivery to baby #2.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Look how much I've grown

Back in 2007 of December, I was just a little bundle of white blanket with a little head peeking out. The one on my right is my baby neighbor. This was taken by Auntie Sab on my first day at the nursery...

A year after.... on my birthday, Mommy took a picture of me sleeping on the laundry basket...

... and now at almost 2, I've grown up quite beautifully...

all I can say is I am still, and will always be Mommy and Daddy's little baby...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Need a Vacation...

Reminiscing those careless times... like our honeymoon in Hawaii

..Luau at Maui

...International market Place near where we were staying then

I wish we could just take off and get a vacation, just the two of us... but we will surely miss our little Kimi. Vacation just won't be as careless as when it was just the two of us. Even if you were left behind, we would be thinking of you too much to enjoy any vacationing....
....but i wouldn't trade anything for motherhood... and the joy of having you in my life everyday. It just so hard sometimes... :(

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goto King In Vancouver

I am admittedly not the dometic goddess that my hubby would have love to have as a wife hehe! SO when I found out that there is a new Goto King in Vancouver ( ...and a chance to stay away from the kitchen to cook...), I simply jump at the chance...

I originally wanted to order the Goto but was swayed when I saw the Tapsilog being served at the next table...

It was okay actually except that I would have love a soup to go with the meal which was normally done at my favorite Tapa King Restaurant in Manila.... I SOOO MISS MY TAPA QUEEN...

Tap-Si- Log
TAP-a (beef), SIN-angangag (Philippine Fried rice) and it-LOG (egg)

This would do... for now.

For the K's in my life...

Getting a job here do add up to my busy schedule but I am excited everytime I get my paycheck, it is a validation of my hard work he! he!

I have been saving all of my salary for our future until last month.

To surprise hubby for our 5th couple's anniversary, I secretly bought him the Oakley sunglass he had been eyeing on but is too expensive for him to buy right away....
Of course, Kimi and Baby K also has something from mommy...
I found this Peg Perego Si Stroller which was originally for Kimi's use but when the sales person told me about the feature wherein the graco snug carseat fitting that model without needing to buy an additional attachment, I was sold... I have something for Kimi and Baby K to share and it will be easier on me to push, whichever baby I did chose to bring with me :)
... I will have to save my next salary for a rainy day. I can;t get used to spending just because I earned some :) tempting as it may sound.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Search for the best mop...

Being a mommy change my way of shopping...

Instead of just focusing on myself, I am constantly looking at the kitchen and household section of the stores and found myself more and more enchanted with little clothes.

When we went for a day trip to Walmart, I ended up buying a new mop to try for maintaining a clean home in a more hassle-free way. The Shark Steam Mop boasts of its light weight and steam function which cleans the house with just the use of ordinary water (...and not chemical) which is a big plus when you have a baby at home.
Of course, I am still a girl before I became a mom so I still got some beauty bargains for myself... A few clothing to add to my collection for fall season and a razorback top as well as a skirt when I do get back to my pre pregnancy shape as an added incentive for me to fous on getting back in shape after delivery.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Goodbye Canada!

We went for a trip to U.S. of A. once again to check out Walmart, Bellingham as well as the Ross Store for some reat buys.

If only I could say goodbye to Canada with a trip to L.A. or Manila, Philippines; it would probably make my year :). It just that the situation has forbid me to do either. We are saving K's leave for the baby's arrival so a short trip jsut wouldn;t be worth it. I would love to spend a week or more when I do get the chance to visit my friends in U.S. and a baby on the way keeps me from a trip to Manila, Philippines.

It is a good consolation though that K keeps on going to Seattle for day trips just so we can look forward to some new shops and great finds... :).

Bye for now grandpa...

August 21st, Grandpa went on his way back to Manila to be with Kenny (Karl's older brother) as well as help prepare for their wedding which will be held on the 28th of November 2009.
It will be after 5 months before we will be seeing you again. There will be lots of things happening within those months... Marriage, childbirths etc.

We will surely miss you.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Symbol of Love

The wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment between two person who want to spend the rest of their lives together...

Kimi started getting an interest in being girly-girly. She loves to watch me dress and do my makeup and demands that she gets the same attention with her baby beauty regimen...

Recently, she found the newest addition to her jewelry craze... Our Wedding Ring. It was too big for her little hand fingers but fit nicely on her toe...

I just had to take a shot because she is the result of our love he he!... and this picture shows it all too perfectly...

Monday, August 17, 2009

BBQ Birthday Weekend

A Last Hurrah before going home to Manila. It was also my Father in law's 57th Birthday Party...

Surrounded by friends and family, it was a small gathering but it was really fun.


It looks all so yummy but the process of putting it in a stick left us with hands pricked with this pointy tips.... he he! It was a labor of love though...


ALL PRETTY... waiting for dinner

from SAB and SOPHIE

...and one (take) for the FAMILY :)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Japanese, anyone?!

We opted for a Japanese Dinner to cool off from the spa encounter :)

Daimasu was the unanimous choice for all the Richmond peeps and we were game to have a try.

The Miso soup with Manila Clam was quite tasty. The Chicken Karaage (boneless) was also good and hot. The Tempura was ok :) I ate a half cup of rice to go with the food. Unfortunately, I can't eat the Salmon sashimi that looks quite fresh and tasty :(

Of course, Photo-op would take its place... Good Friends, Good Food, Great Smiles! (We were all happy with the food probable he he!)

Les, Steph, Nico and Sab

Mel, Sarah, and Candz

Group Picture

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pamper Pretties

What could go wrong in a spa session? With relaxing atmosphere and a movie that fits the theme..."BABY MAMA", we had a jolly time catching up and just talking about anything and everything during the pedi-session.



On second thought, there was a slight incident with the owner over scheduling which made the experience a disappointment. It's no use talking about it because it was really pointless and what she was saying was repetitive. I don't think she has the customer service down pat :(.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Shower Preparation

It was my first time to organize a baby shower and it was a challenge doing it on a place I am not that familiar with.

First off, I need to invite Sab's circle of friend and what better way than during Little Sophie's birthday celebration.
THE SCHEMERS... We haven't talked about the shower while this shot was taken Sab wasn't aware that a shower is about to brew behind her back

I really had no idea where to hold the said shower but I wanted a pamper theme for Sab since she usually mentions that she misses her beauty sessions in Manila which is pretty expensive here... (and expecting mommies need to be extra beautiful, right? We don't want people to just remember big belly from seeing us but to be physically beautiful with the belly and all). It was the Co sisters who mentioned the Perfect Health Spa which has a movie combined with the manicure or pedicure treatment... PERFECT!

The hardest thing was getting the final date... with a group of busy gals working hard and playing harder... Everyone had their activities all lined up until August and the only date that was available was the 15th. Perfect again because I really wanted the shower to be a month from Sab's due date.... It was like divine intervention really, everything was working out really for the best...

With 2 1/2 month in the making, I was in constant correspondence with the attendees and they were the most cooperative group I could have hoped for. No one slipped and despite numerous meet ups with Sab, the secret was safe. They even made an excel of all the contributions for the food to munch for that day as well as the things to bring for easy reference. I couldn't asked for a better group of people to plan it with.

PLAY DATES passed...

..and more PLAY DATES

...and the BABY EVENT OF THE YEAR passed

...and more PLAY DATE.... still clueless!?!

Keeping it a secret from Sab was the hardest for me, I am quite a transparent person and I can't lie with a straight face. I was okay when the date was far away but as it got nearer, I kept on thinking how to make sure that Sab didn't plan anything for the Baby "B"-Day.

The idea came on our 1st GNO (Girl's night out). Mommies need to have a night cap, more so than single gals and during the cup of coffee I finally spilled the beans on Joy, who was the newest mama member in the group regarding the shower while Sab was getting her caffeine (Oops! slipped... ). Unfortunately, Mama Joy was quite busy for the 15th and can't join us but a plan was finally hatched on my head... I was fortunate that Sabrina and I was seperated for the ride to Joy's house for our next play date and I asked Sarah to organize a GNO for the 15th to make sure that Sabrina will be available that day and that I will just concoct something so that I won't be able to go to the GNO in order to prepare the place. Sarah and Glenda deserved a best actress award for deadma mommies of the year and proceeded with their performance of making a GNO despite 40% absentees from the group. innocent NIGHT CAP-ffeine
this was when the idea to have Sab busy for the 15th finally clicked into mind

To cut the story short, everything went perfectly and Sabbie was surprise that it was pulled off behind her back... To more surprises and meetups...

(Chocolate and Blue Theme...)

Diaper Cake from Nico and Steph Centerpiece Cake Top from Leslie Ferrero Rocher Bouquet from meL :) Gifts from Girfriends

* * *
... for a safe delivery :)

LOVINGLY PUMPED by KARL ... arrange by Kimi and meL

Monday, August 10, 2009

Off to the Farmer's Market

There is a lot of Farmer's Market during weekend we had chance upon one on our way home from our swimming event at Watermania.

Fresh, Fresh and Fresh is what you would have describe all those produce. With free corns to taste....It was a come-on to buy all those sweet corns at a really tempting price of 3 for $1.00.


There were also fruits of different varieties to choose from... from Summer's favorite fruits like Watermelon which quenches your thirst in this heat and blueberries and the ever present bananas. We also bought a pineapple which I sorely missed eating in Manila. The Manila pineapple are so sweet and I sure hope that this one comes to par with the pineapple that I am craving for.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Watermania Fun

The mommies decided to do the play date in a different setting. A much more fun and wet setting... THE WATERMANIA... This Indoor Water Park is located in Richmond. Thanks to Mommy Glenda, we all got in free with her ingenious idea of printing the coupons she found in a Free Baby Mag... and Thanks to Mommy Sarah for the Swimmers diaper Kimi is sporting for her Watermania swimming day....

We were a bit late and with Sabrina and me getting heavier we opt to watch the fun from the pool side.... A snap here and there we were like poolside photographers covering a Baby Olympic event that the lifeguard had to tell us that we were on her way (he! he!)

Daddy Karl balances two babies on his arms... :) A practice for the new baby that is due to arrive on December...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pool, Little Sam enjoys the water with Mommy Sarah and Daddy Steve...

Since we were a bit late, I had to take a picture of Mommy Glenda after the swim. Look at how cute Little Justin's sweater is... I am so excited for our Little K :)

It was a fun weekend for us having to see all our mommy friends...who says moms doesn't have fun? We just enjoy different things after the baby comes along... :)


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Top of Vancouver

Karl normally doesn't consider eating at a Western restaurant and I was expecting to be taken to the usual Chinese or Japanese restaurant, a fine dining one though, for our 5th couple's anniversary.

So when he told me that he reserved the Top of Vancouver for our celebration, I was delighted that he would try western and good ambiance in exchange for his fave Asian cuisines...

I love the downtown and was happy to go earlier for a stroll. It was a different experience walking without a stroller and my being with Kimi everyday made that day of finally being away without kids much more special...



KM...all done...


Friday, August 07, 2009

Summer BBQ

Just when summer's almost over....

Oh well, it is better late than never right? This was the Chua kid's birthday gift to their dad :)

A new BBQ Grill which he has been eyeing on for a couple of months already...

Guess who is more excited in setting it up....

... and so the BBQ Cooking initiation for Karl the BBQ Iron chef....

Guys who cook are sexy oooh la la hahaha! :)

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