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Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Shower Preparation

It was my first time to organize a baby shower and it was a challenge doing it on a place I am not that familiar with.

First off, I need to invite Sab's circle of friend and what better way than during Little Sophie's birthday celebration.
THE SCHEMERS... We haven't talked about the shower while this shot was taken Sab wasn't aware that a shower is about to brew behind her back

I really had no idea where to hold the said shower but I wanted a pamper theme for Sab since she usually mentions that she misses her beauty sessions in Manila which is pretty expensive here... (and expecting mommies need to be extra beautiful, right? We don't want people to just remember big belly from seeing us but to be physically beautiful with the belly and all). It was the Co sisters who mentioned the Perfect Health Spa which has a movie combined with the manicure or pedicure treatment... PERFECT!

The hardest thing was getting the final date... with a group of busy gals working hard and playing harder... Everyone had their activities all lined up until August and the only date that was available was the 15th. Perfect again because I really wanted the shower to be a month from Sab's due date.... It was like divine intervention really, everything was working out really for the best...

With 2 1/2 month in the making, I was in constant correspondence with the attendees and they were the most cooperative group I could have hoped for. No one slipped and despite numerous meet ups with Sab, the secret was safe. They even made an excel of all the contributions for the food to munch for that day as well as the things to bring for easy reference. I couldn't asked for a better group of people to plan it with.

PLAY DATES passed...

..and more PLAY DATES

...and the BABY EVENT OF THE YEAR passed

...and more PLAY DATE.... still clueless!?!

Keeping it a secret from Sab was the hardest for me, I am quite a transparent person and I can't lie with a straight face. I was okay when the date was far away but as it got nearer, I kept on thinking how to make sure that Sab didn't plan anything for the Baby "B"-Day.

The idea came on our 1st GNO (Girl's night out). Mommies need to have a night cap, more so than single gals and during the cup of coffee I finally spilled the beans on Joy, who was the newest mama member in the group regarding the shower while Sab was getting her caffeine (Oops! slipped... ). Unfortunately, Mama Joy was quite busy for the 15th and can't join us but a plan was finally hatched on my head... I was fortunate that Sabrina and I was seperated for the ride to Joy's house for our next play date and I asked Sarah to organize a GNO for the 15th to make sure that Sabrina will be available that day and that I will just concoct something so that I won't be able to go to the GNO in order to prepare the place. Sarah and Glenda deserved a best actress award for deadma mommies of the year and proceeded with their performance of making a GNO despite 40% absentees from the group. innocent NIGHT CAP-ffeine
this was when the idea to have Sab busy for the 15th finally clicked into mind

To cut the story short, everything went perfectly and Sabbie was surprise that it was pulled off behind her back... To more surprises and meetups...

(Chocolate and Blue Theme...)

Diaper Cake from Nico and Steph Centerpiece Cake Top from Leslie Ferrero Rocher Bouquet from meL :) Gifts from Girfriends

* * *
... for a safe delivery :)

LOVINGLY PUMPED by KARL ... arrange by Kimi and meL


Anonymous said...

MELLLL... THANKS SO MUCH!!! :) And you said you can't lie with a straight face... Love ya! You made it really special for me and Baby B. :) *HUGS*

meL said...

I love u that much u know hehe :)


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