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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A 4D Experience

Our Package: The Fetal Tour


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Welcome to North America's first and only 3D ultrasound, spa, and wellness centre. The name Som Visao (som-viz-ay-oh) translates to English as "sound vision" and reflects the 3D ultrasound experience of seeing and hearing your unborn child. For our 3D/4D ultrasound Fetal Tours we only hire expert ARDMS Sonographers have over 1,000 hours in OBGYN training and utilize the industry standard GE Voluson 730 to obtain the best images possible. Relax as you enjoy the fun and breathtaking experience of meeting your baby for the first time through our 30 minute 3D/4D ultrasound Fetal Tour. You'll quickly discover how Som Visao's combination of elegance, professionalism, and reputation will leave you smiling ear to ear.

* * *

It was a new technology and naturally we wanted to meet the baby so so much so we decided to shell out our salaries for this 4d meeting...

The difference between the 3d and 4d ultrasound? It was just the movement. 3d are stills while the 4d has movement. I was happy that we did the 4d, K got to see for himself just how active his baby is. I kept on telling him that I am feeling an inner roller coaster this time around and I am happy that he can now see for himself because even the sonographer was commenting how she can;t get a picture of Baby K because of his constant movement.

...with all the prodding in my stomach
to keep his hands off from his face,
he finally relented but not before
Baby K finally stuck out his tongue

...Baby K is getting bored from the inside
There is nothing to see here!!!

Just like a typical man
...he shows off his assets

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