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Sunday, October 11, 2009

An (Un)Expected Shower

It was pretty much a regular Saturday except for the fact that we were planning to go to an afternoon shower for our mommy friend, Joy in Surrey. I am quite sensitive by nature and I felt that something was not "so regular".... I don't want to be too presumptuous but I got a feeling that I am about to have a baby shower today.

Signs of suspiciousness:

1. Karl normally asks us to stay at home when he goes to the mall early for supermarket with his mom, this time he was the one who asked me if we want to go with him.

My Loving Family

(Thanks Hubby for always wanting to surprise me...)

2. During our dinner at goldfish, there were some hints of seeing each other for today then eyes exchange guiltily that makes me feel that something was up (he he!)

3. I asked my sister in law if she wants to go to the mall and she opted to go to the PARK! ….hmmmm

4. I was asked to go to Sarah’s house (Another mommy friend who is going to Joy’s shower party) to pick up a gift for the reason that Sam2 was supposedly with a cold and can’t come to the party for later… (* I actually saw Sam2 Friday night and she looks A-ok, another hmmmm).

5. Karl usually demands me to let Kimi sleep in the afternoon so she would be in a good mood for the late afternoon’s event. He didn’t told me about the required sleep and it got me really suspicious.

6. Karl wanted to eat Italian for lunch (Karl and Italian?! Something is definitely up. Karl would NEVER invite me to dine at an Italian, he would even tell me that we just had Italian when we had International Buffet to get out of eating at an Italian restaurant….)

7. I was thinking that this was the last weekend to hold a shower for me. My mother in law is leaving the next day and it would be harder to hold a shower with no one to leave the babies to.

8. Karl asked me to clean our house and our room…( I was thinking: Could it be that the shower will be here and Karl is just trying to get me out of the house?!, I later learned that it was just a ruse so that I wouldn’t go to the front door and find Sab and her party stuffs on her way out he he!)

9. Karl actually wanted me to go out and accompany him to get the gift from Sarah. He insisted that I have to tell him where Sarah’s unit is that day so that when there is an emergency like me having contraction next time, he can find his way… (Uhmmm, why today?!)


Seeds of doubt:

1. I was thinking that where would they be holding the baby shower, I am sure that it would definitely not be at Jo’s house (Joy’s place of shower), we don’t know her that well to get her venue (hmmmm)

2. There is no indication that there is an extra time to hold my baby shower (I didn’t know then that it was going to be lunch, and I was thinking that it is hard for people to do a double shower within the day….)

3. If it would be at Sarah’s, It would be too small to hold a large number of people (It hasn’t occurred to me that their place has an event room as well)

4. I have been pestering Karl to spill but he insisted that he doesn’t know anything… ( I usually get Karl to spill, he did spill though, he told me that my baby shower will be later afternoon at Surrey in his last effort to sway me from my suspicions…)

...and to my SISTER (in law), Sab


Whatever it is, I am 100% happy of all the efforts that came from everyone to make it possible. Steve, Sarah and Sam for the Venue. To Brian for pumping up the balloons, Sab for the organizing a well thought theme (FILIPINO), she knows how much I am looking forward to going home) and little Sophie for her mere presence. Thanks to EJ and Les for the sounds J. To all the attendees who I know are quite hard to make schedules with but managed to come especially Steph who has work that day. I am so sorry because I didn’t know the detailed contributors on the preparations but I am really thankful to each and everyone of you… I am really touched to be able to experience a baby shower. LOVE YOU GUYS!

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