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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Som Visao: A Haven for the stressed body

I got an early backache for my second pregnancy. It doesn't help that I do work at night on top of the house chores and taking care of Little Active Kimi.

I was really aiming for a massage but was surprised how much a prenatal massage costs... (around $65 for an hour and around $89 for a 45 minute session). I fould out though that I can actually claim a huge percentage from K's health benefit through his company. Alas! A SIGN!

I googled for a place that offers pre-natal massage which I could surely claim and found out that the health benefit we have only honors RMT (Registered Massage Therapist). I was actually scheduled for a massage with a CMT (Certtified Massage Therapist, Whew!), I cancelled and decided to go with Som Viseo because I specifically saw the name of Great West Life in their site.

Now, I just need those coupons to have an additional discount for my 4d ultrasound... They give out a maximum of $20 for referral and I actually reached the maximum through subscribing ($10), referral through K's address ($5) and Kimi ($5). MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :)





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8-3195 Granville Street

Vancouver, BC

V6H 3K2


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