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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Experiencing labor...

I have uploaded the contraction timer application through my iTouch in the hopes of distinguishing pre-term labor and the real one...

but when the time really tell, I wasn't still sure. Panic arises as I deliberated over the option that I might go to the hospital and then sent home to endure the pain until I am in the right stage.

I am glad though that everything went smoothly from the time that the contraction started coming every few minutes to the dropping off of our Kimi to a friend who had been sooo helpful, Sarah and Steve. Thanks to Sam Sam's valuable contribution to keeping Kimi occupied while mommy had her baby.

The time we arrived at the hospital was also just as good, I was in pain but still able to move a little even if there was a wait for admission. I was wheeled into the birthing suite and I had the luck to have a very kind nurse who babied and cheered me on even if I was really bad at pushing and kept on asking her to give me the pain medication even before I changed into the birthing gown. Yes, I was that paranoid! I was reciting my birth plan from my first pregnancy and asking for all the pain medication which can be put into my body even before the nurse had the chance to check me physically he he!!!

I also had the urge to push right when my doctor arrived and popped my balloon. Good thing because I was also scared of having them use a popper to pop them. Dr. Ross was also right on time. She came just when I just dilated fully and alas the birthing began....

Kenzo Maverick Chua
* * *
Date of Birth: December 17th, 2009
Time of Birth: 12:08
Length: 20"
Head Circumference: 13 1/4"
Weight: 7.1 lbs

Everything was clear to me from the pushing to seeing little Kenzo's head coming out of me. The stitching then even the pushing of the placenta afterward. Everything! They wouldn't give me anything for the pain except the laughing gas which was of NO help. I really wanted to throw that laughing gas everytime the contration started but had to hold on to it to keep my hand occupied. Every part of me was thinking that these people are trying to kill me by expecting me to push a baby out without any pain killer... They even go as far as to comment that I was not that good in pushing was because I had twilight for my first pregnancy. I am grateful though for the nurse who was so cheerleadery during my whole birthing and even helped push the bay out of my tummy. Dr Ross was also very positive which also helped. I can't complain much because the labor was short and not as painful as I am expecting. (Take note: Not as painful but it isn't painless... I had a swollen privy part after all the trauma from pushing and sitting is really an effort...)

Overall, I am so happy that it still isn't as traumatic and I have a Kenzo to show for all of it :)


Anonymous said...

Mel... I'm so happy for you. I just wanna hug you. You are great. Love ya! *HUGS*

meL said...

Thanks sis... It was scary though when the pushing began and i realized that i had to dk it without any drugs :-0

No Reimer Reason said...

Congratulations on your new little one! We just added a member to our family this month too - our 2nd daughter arrived on the 21st. Best Christmas present ever. :)


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