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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Outpouring of Love...through food

One of my concerns in giving birth here without my family is that how hard the recovery would be afterwards... I am so lucky that all the things fell into place and I met great friends with kids that Kimi and Kenzo can grow up and be friends with who shares the same background and moral which I want to impart to them.

I also got to experience firsthand how friends become family in a place far away. Friends who really did take the step to make things easier for me after the delivery. Some people I have encountered do have the initiative to say the right things and offering words of help but never did take the action, but here, I really felt the effort and their words were backed up with real action... :) Thanks guys.

On my first day home, my friend Sarah surprised me with big pot of Arroz Caldo which she did on her own. I know for a fact that her weekend was jammed with parties and stuffs but she managed to make a pot for me...Aaaaw I am really touched with this gesture.... AND, it was really really good.... CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!

Karl's Aunt also did make an appearance as well and bought the folding bed we were going to borrow from her for my brother's visit. She took the time to come here and bring the bed as well as a box of chicken and sweets for us to eat... :)

Thanks to Sarah domestic fairy godsister for the
Yummy Arroz Caldo


Thanks to Auntie Felissa
for the KFC and Mrs. Field Treats...


Anonymous said...

Sarah is your fairy godsister na pala ha? :(

meL said...

Sabbie domestic godsister, ikaw ang overall :) godsister

super duper miss u. Sad u r not here physically :(


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