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Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas Gift...

My Christmas Gift came with a luggage...

...a luggage filled with gifts for me he he! 

I hope this is the start of a new Christmas Tradition...
Having you here last 2009 Christmas for Kenzo when I just gave birth was something I won't forget
...and having you here this year is something I was looking forward to.

Can I assume you'd be here again for next Christmas?!

Puh-lease!? Pretty Please with sugar on top?!

Eventful Christmas

Christmas Hotpot to celebrate Christmas...

...Mushrooms and Beef...

* Balls and Fish Tofu

* Bokchoy to sweeten the soup

* Decor to lighten up the room

* Thanks to Auntie Ninang Sab for the dress :)

* Thanks to Auntie Ninang Glenda for the pants and shoes...

...then it happened...
Gas leakage and an explosion :(

* A cut in the head...

* and a trip to the E.R. instead of enjoying the Christmas lunch

* Waiting in vain for a doctor to be available...

* And a Candy Cane Hot Chocolate in Tim Hortons, Burnaby Hospital

...Everything is okay now though and we still feel lucky that despite a roomful of people, nothing major major happened :)

Merry Christmas 
Happy Birthday, Jesus

Friday, December 24, 2010

White Elephant Exchange Gift

Apparently, this kind of exchange gift is one that can be stolen from you by the next number so...

better get a good gift or you might end up with your own...

* Kiddo Exchange Gifts..
Kimi got an Aqua Doodle Toy

* Lotsa Kids now...

* The Kids enjoyed the exchange gift a lot :)

* Our short-lived gift :(

* ...and this is what we end up.

* The Host-ess :)

It was a  "Merry" Pre- Christmas Get Together 
THANKS to Ong Family for inviting us :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Exchange of gifts...

Santa Mom and Dads gives their babies their reward for being a good kid this year ;)


Trio of Surprise

Surprise Cake for three of the Birthday Girls in the group...

* The Bearer of birthday news...

 * Birthday Trio
Marge, Nico and Steph

* Triple Blow-out

* Girlssss

Classic Colors for Christmas: Red, Gold and Greens...

* Twinny's Creation...Voila!

* The Best part of the decor are the friends that surrounds it...NAKS!

* Pine cones and balls.... Candles to soften the mood

* Made from different decors... into one centerpiece

* Little Gold and Red balls lined up the edge of  a table

* Kimi and Kenzo's Plaything during the event...Oh So Cute...

* Strands of pearls add glitters to the side

* Vanicans goes for a group picture....

Early Christmas Feast...


Chef Stone Ang 
Dessert Diva Nicolette Co
* The Menu

* The Feast
Wild Mushroom...FROM SCRATCH (5 Mushroom goes into this soup!)

 * Appetizing Starters

 * Karl's Favorite... Cooked to Perfection
Saffron Rice Pilaf

* Herb Roasted Chicken

* Baked Penne with Brocolli and Asparagus Medley

* Greek Inspired Lamb

* Ice Cream Cake

Thanks for the Superb Dinner

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spotted! Vanican's Gossip Girl Inspired Christmas Dinner

* The Invites

* The Christmassy Invites/ Placecard

* By the Box... Placecard for each guests

* Menu and Sign

* Plate Design

* Table Setting

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kenzo's Simple Celebration Affair

A simple celebration for our Little Kenzo

What's a birthday without the cake?
* Kenzo's Fruit Cake

* Getting ready to blow the cake

* Kimi poses with the take... It's not your birthday sweetie...

* Two's a handful...

* Chua Family aims for a Birthday picture....

* Kimi lovesssss the strawberry... You really are folllowing Mom's footstep

* Subuan....Sweeeeet!

* Kimi focuses on feeding her brother...



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