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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kid activity

This year, I vow to insert atleast one kid activity for Kimi per week... (And try to inject one grownup only activity per wk as well.) It is our "girls only" day which I get to enjoy with her aside from the playdate we usually reserve per wk.

So far, we had a walk session which ended up with a cup of coffee at waves, we had 3 library visit, one of which, was spent inside with several kids with a free program of storytime through musics for toddlers...and an impromptu playdate.

First visit, Kimi and Sam2 discovered the cool magnetic board

Kimi and Sam2 discovered the kid friendly tables and chair

What did we (mommy) discover from these walks? It's fun to do it with fellow mommy, makes the time pass quickly :).

Hawaii... When shall I go back??

I am wishing for another vacation in Hawaii...

Reminiscing... Life without babies, i do love them but it's hard to have a relaxing vacation with babies...(and this is my fantasy!)

And since I accidentally synced my itouch with our pictures from the honeymoon trip... I decided to revisit them with an entry here... Will try to post other entries from that trip on another day :)

Our view from our hotel room

* Whoaaat a view

Night view..

* This location is really good

Waikiki beach just a few blocks from where we were staying

I wish we were the one who are going to be surfing but uhmmm... No :)

* Bikini bods...

Perfect for the Hawaiian stroll

* Crocs

* Vacation almost over :(

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Playdate for January

It was held at Glenda's and we had a new mommy joining us, Van.

* Mommy Van

Wilbert made his presence known through his yummy carrot cake

* Ooh la la!

...and a red velvet cupcake finished with a yummy icing right at Glenda's kitchen by Van before serving.

* Red Velvet cupcake made by Van

We had our usual coffee with conversations from baby dilemmas and future schedules for meeting up.

The kids? They have their own little world at the living area. They got along fine except for the occassional ones wherein two kids are quarreling over one toy...

* Look at the gang...

Thanks to Glenda for hosting this week's playdate

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Hairy baby...

I couldn't get over the fact that my baby boy was born with a head full of hair... Not that I am complaining. Far from it, I am so amused of how it stands on his cute little head.

This lion stuff toys hairy mane does remind me of Kenzo's own hairy head...

Love you my little lion. ROAR!

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Paulo Coelho app

I just bought myself another i-app for my itouch...

I just love Paulo Coelho and reasoned with myself that it is well worth the few dollars, right?Enlightenment is priceless anyway :)

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sarah: i need to buy something at save on...
Mel: why?
Sarah: I am making Greek Salad
Mel: (impress) wow!

...something different eh?!

Look at the colors mixed together...

... And the Greek goddess who made the appetizing appetizer

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photo Shoot at Home

I got a call from a Canadian Baby picture company for a free sitting pictorial for Kenzo. They promised a free 5 x 7 calendar with the free sitting and although I know that I will end up buying a package they'd be offering for the pictures, I still grabbed at the chance of their offer and crossed my finger that the package would not cost an arm and a leg...

A preview of the pictorial :)The makeshift studio at home

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A trip to the library... and Kimi is in nirvana... You are definitely your mom's daughter...

I love the photo strip layout for these pictures :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dimsum with friends...

Sunday- January 24th, 2010

A couple of friends took their time to come to our area for lunch and to finally see little Kenzo in person... Dimsum at Kirin, New Westminster...

Loved this rice roll

Foursome FULL-some...
(L-R: Candz, Leslie, Mel and Nico)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a Jungle out there

January 17th marked the celebration of a very special boy... JUSTIN. A Jungle theme to commemorate this special event. Mommy Glenda and Daddy Warren din a great job in decorating the whole place up with cute animal details for the party.

A Two layer cake with Gum paste animals all around the sides
and cupcakes of animal faces using icing

Loot bags with special animal treats for the kids to take home...
I sooo love the biscuit with animal faces... the rest was for the kids ;)

Mommy Glenda and the birthday boy, Justin

The big sister giving a big smile for the camera

Kimi with Carmi

Chua Family minus Kenzzzzzo...(sleeping)

The Celebrant family with the Chua Family ;)


Bling Bling!

My brother's pasalubong for moa...

Swarovski necklace and bracelet.... a Murano glass pendant for his niece, Kimi...

I love the pendant on my new necklace and I am trying to search for a perfect outfit to complement the bracelet ;).

I told you his baggage was full of pasalubong for us... Haven't blog a lot of it yet... THANKS THANKS THANKS.... Really appreciate the thoughtfulness...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Downtown Ice-scape

Me and my brother spent the last day of the year in Downtown.

We had our last stop at the famous Robson Square with their free ice skating. I would have loved to dip my feet and try skating once again after the longest time but it was pretty late and we had Kimi with us... So we just settled for a glimpse of the show there and some picture taking....

The Gigantic Tree
all lighted up... It was a sight to behold...

The GE Logo in the center of the Ice Skating Rink

The dome...
you have to go down a flight of stairs to access the skating area...

A Christmas Wish, granted...

This post has been a bit delayed... :)

Christmas may be a few weeks back but when you are nice, Santa still hears what you wish for...
got this the first week of January 2010

Such is what happened to Little Kimi who got her Kitchen wish from mommy's co-worker... She must have been really nice because her newly acquired kitchen is really big... Mommy needs to clean up all the accessories for her and she wouldn't budge from mommy's side as she waited for each piece get dried and ready for her to play with...

To my co-worker, Ramona
Thanks for sharing your pre-loved kitchen set
and accessories

Monday, January 18, 2010

Call of the Wild

I started doing this without a layout in mind, I love how it turned out in the end... Sort of like a scrapbook in a table kind of layout...

Credits: Paper from Happy Go Lucky Kit created by Shabby Princess,
Embellishments from Backpack Forbidden Kit created by dittersfreedoodles.
blogspot,com; Shabby Fall/ Happy Go Lucky created by Shabby Princess;
and Alphas from Shabby Fall Kit created by Shabby Princess.
Font: Arial
Software: Photoshop CS3 Extended

Earliest Mommy date...

The mommies finally had their earliest date together... We decided to attend the Pottery barn kid storage seminar in the morning of January 16th (Saturday) @ 10:00am and wrapped it up with a lunch together nearby.

The Loot bag
* Color Fan swatch, some guidelines from the seminar, cute wooden ruler, discount coupon and some furniture description cards

For Lunch, we decided with the Japanese place a few minutes drive away from the class. We had the eat all you can lunch to satisfy our hunger...

A few pictures to commemorate our freedom he he!

The first platter
...we forgot to take a picture of the other dishes ;)
too hungry, I guess
* * * * *


5901 Granville Street, #112
Vancouver, BC V6M4J7
Tel: (604) 263-2326

Winter Olympic Mascot

Winter Olympics this February will be in Vancouver and in lieu of this big event. There are a lot of improvements getting done for it be tourist-ready...

Kimi poses with a huge Winter Olympic mascot @ The Bay

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kenzo @ 1 Month


Time really flew so fast... It just feels like yesterday when we were contemplating whether what I was feeling was true labor and now here we are at your 1st month mark...


Still adjusting to the thought of having two babies to feed, clothe and of course, love. The diapers to be thrown away has more than doubled as well as the chores but so is the happiness that you have brought to both me and your papa's life.


...are you naugthy or nice?

Even though you just sleep, eat and poo for now, we are amaze at how perfect you are with your perfectly groomed hair right from birth. The way you love to be carried and cuddled and the way your big sister, Kimi, has been a putty in your little hands. Kimi certainly has taken a liking at you from the first time she laid her eyes on your handsome little face, she would start the day by looking for "shoti" and kissing your face. She needs to work on being a little gentle with you though but I know that she loves you very much already...


* * * * *
We Love you Kenzo
Thank you for choosing us as your parents


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