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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hawaii... When shall I go back??

I am wishing for another vacation in Hawaii...

Reminiscing... Life without babies, i do love them but it's hard to have a relaxing vacation with babies...(and this is my fantasy!)

And since I accidentally synced my itouch with our pictures from the honeymoon trip... I decided to revisit them with an entry here... Will try to post other entries from that trip on another day :)

Our view from our hotel room

* Whoaaat a view

Night view..

* This location is really good

Waikiki beach just a few blocks from where we were staying

I wish we were the one who are going to be surfing but uhmmm... No :)

* Bikini bods...

Perfect for the Hawaiian stroll

* Crocs

* Vacation almost over :(

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