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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kenzo's 1st checkup

Kenzo had his first checkup with the family doctor...

We were scheduled for the 2:30pm slot with Dr. Princeton Lim, he was also the one who did the medical requirements which was required for our residency application from before.

First of all, they did the routine checkup pf the weight, length and head circumference. Kenzo's weight is now 4.08 kg.

He looks so little lying on the patient bed waiting for the doctor.

Kenzo was well behaved during the whole checkup. He didn't cry at all as the doctor checked his eyes with an instrument as well as when he checked both of his ears and privy part.

The verdict? He was A-ok :). We scheduled 3 more meetings for the near future,one of which, is his 2nd month immunization. :( 3 pokes... Aaaw my poor baby.

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