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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kid activity

This year, I vow to insert atleast one kid activity for Kimi per week... (And try to inject one grownup only activity per wk as well.) It is our "girls only" day which I get to enjoy with her aside from the playdate we usually reserve per wk.

So far, we had a walk session which ended up with a cup of coffee at waves, we had 3 library visit, one of which, was spent inside with several kids with a free program of storytime through musics for toddlers...and an impromptu playdate.

First visit, Kimi and Sam2 discovered the cool magnetic board

Kimi and Sam2 discovered the kid friendly tables and chair

What did we (mommy) discover from these walks? It's fun to do it with fellow mommy, makes the time pass quickly :).

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