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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enjoying Downtown, Seattle

The first time I came here was via Silkway tour, it was not on this side of Seattle that we were given free rein back then. This was a completely different experience for me and although it reminded me a lot of Downtown, Vancouver. I enjoyed strolling Seattle's Downtown with my baby girl, Kimi and hubby, Karl.

* A view of Downtown, Seattle (Upper: Daytime, Lower: Night time)

* A Little Map to guide both tourist and locals

* This reminds me of Vancouver's Steam Clock


I wasn't able to ride the Monorail which I hope I'd be able to try on my next visit... (Yes! I am planning to come here more often and try the attractions with Kimi and hopefully with Kenzo when he is bigger0. According to research,
The Seattle Center Monorail departures every 10 minutes from two stations:
  • Seattle Center station, across from the Space Needle
  • Westlake Center Mall station, at Fifth and Pine Street

The Famous Pike Market, Seattle

One of Seattle's most popular tourist attraction, this market reminds me a lot of Vancouver's Granville Market. The popular signage

Fresh Flowers

The well-known Pike Fish throwing

* * * * *
Pike Place Market

85 Pike Street

Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 682-7453

Zoomazium: Playland Zoo

Zoo-ma-zium: Indoor, nature-themed play space with a host of fun and educational activities for young children

* An entrance that is just for kids...

* Playland

* Tunnel

* Kimi makes a go at the tunnel

* Look who's hatching

* Let's make music together

* * * * *
601 N. 59th St
Seattle, WA 98103

South Entrance:
N. 50th St. & Fremont Ave. N.
West Entrance:
N. 55th St. & Phinney Ave. N.

206.548.2500 and 206.548.2599 (TTY)

Hotel Andra- Right at the Heart of Seattle Downtown

A Blogger friend suggested this Small luxurious hotel back then. Now, I was finally able to book for an overnight stay at quite an amazing price via Travel Zoo. At $119 a night including valet parking, we were quite happy with the savings and was really happy how nice the location was. It is within walking distance of Seattle's must-sees.

Room 903
1 Queen Size Bed
The Lobby was quite cozy and comfortable looking with a contemporary modern feel to it. The color scheme looks quite similar to our house which was a plus :).


One of the good things I love about Hotel Andra is the Ralph Grocer and Deli on the other side of the street that is open till the wee hours of the morning. More convenient if we suddenly had a pang of hunger for a cheap midnight snack or a hot breakfast that won't burn a hole in your pocket. In our case, we had the breakfast sandwich with melted cheese, crispy bacon and sunny-side egg (Yummy!).

Queen Size Bed
Entertainment Area

Bathroom Beauty Products

Quite at home at the hotel's bed

It is also a few minutes walk to some of the biggest malls here in Downtown, Seattle: Westlake Center, Macy's, Nordstorm and Pacific Place to name a few. Tourist attraction are also walkable from this place like Pike's Market. (...continued on next entry)

* * * * *

Hotel Andra
2000 4th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 448-8600

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Carousel

There was a historical carousel at Woodland Park zoo and as I watch Kimi took a seat at one of the pretty horses, I felt a moment of sadness at the metaphor of that carousel, it represented her childhood, just like that ride, which is just as fleeting and that time will come soon enough wherein I won't be her world.

* The Carousel

When it finally started, Kimi with her papa going round and round, I felt proud that she was confident of the unexpected and ready to take on life's journey with it's risks holding on to her dad for support with me in the sidelines just cheering her on, afraid of what life has to offer yet giving her that space to grow.

* The Carousel with papa

* Papa's Girl

Round and round she goes wearing the same clothes which somewhat appeases me that wherever life might take her in the future, she will stay the same with whatever upbringing we have instilled on her and that she will come back to us- her safe haven...and we will always be here for her (and Kenzo) with open arms.

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Exploring the Animalandia...

From the Australasia Exhibit, animals from the Land Down Under

*The Kangaroo

* Emu, Australia's Largest Bird

From the Dragons of Komodo Exhibit

* Reptile...

Temperate Forest Exhibit

* Flamingo

* Asian Crane

From Day and Night Exhibit

* Sloth Bear

* Jaguar

* Adult Male Tree Boa

...and so much more

Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

One of our agenda here in Seattle is to get a tour of the famous zoo, Woodland Park Zoo. It is considered one of the best zoo in the world.

* Well-rested and ready to explore the zoo

I've been to the Vancouver Zoo and although the Vancouver one is also big, what I like most about Woodland is how nice the entrance to each area of their exhibits are... The main entrance is not that big of an impression because it is quite typical with stones and plants leading inside.

* The Entrance...

* Map Locator
- these markers help guide you through the map

* Nice Facade per Exhibit

They really made an effort to make each details come together to form one nice natural exhibit of information. The signages are really nice aside from informative although one of the disadvantages of big habitats for the animals is that it is sometimes quite hard, and sometimes impossible to locate the animal... he he!

Get the Discount coupon here
(...more on Woodland Zoo Park on next entry)

* * * * *

601 N. 59th St
Seattle, WA 98103

South Entrance:
N. 50th St. & Fremont Ave. N.
West Entrance:
N. 55th St. & Phinney Ave. N.

206.548.2500 and 206.548.2599 (TTY)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Olympic themed tattoo

Sarah had a simple treat for today's playdate...
* Winter Olympic themed tattoo

Bake a cake and eat it too!

My mother in law decided to bake her tried and tested mocha refrigerated cake with Canadian brand ingredients...
* The ever reliable mixer that came all the way from Manila, Philippines

* 4 pans and drying racks to make 2 whole cake

Since it was also Sarah's birthday and our playdate the next day. I decided to bring the cake for judgement from the mommy council.

* Voila! Two level cake with creamy icings in the middle

*The cake

The verdict? It was good! Glenda even went for a second slice ;), no carbo!?!


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