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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Carousel

There was a historical carousel at Woodland Park zoo and as I watch Kimi took a seat at one of the pretty horses, I felt a moment of sadness at the metaphor of that carousel, it represented her childhood, just like that ride, which is just as fleeting and that time will come soon enough wherein I won't be her world.

* The Carousel

When it finally started, Kimi with her papa going round and round, I felt proud that she was confident of the unexpected and ready to take on life's journey with it's risks holding on to her dad for support with me in the sidelines just cheering her on, afraid of what life has to offer yet giving her that space to grow.

* The Carousel with papa

* Papa's Girl

Round and round she goes wearing the same clothes which somewhat appeases me that wherever life might take her in the future, she will stay the same with whatever upbringing we have instilled on her and that she will come back to us- her safe haven...and we will always be here for her (and Kenzo) with open arms.

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