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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Peek a boo..i got a baby boy!

Look who is my youngest visitor when I had my baby boy last December 17th???

Little Sam got reunited with playmate Kimi. Mommy Sarah was kind enough to play babysitter for the day as I grunt and push in an effort to deliver baby #2.

Sam definitely wasn't tired of playing and decided to make use of the big area of the private room to continue the game they had left unfinished at home... Kimi gamely becomes the "it" as Sam runs after her screaming peek a boo.... It was confusing whether they were playing "it" or hide and seek. Whatever it was, it was fun to see them getting along in their own little world.

There you are...

I am coming to get you...

Hahaha!!! Aaaaah the screaming fest of two toddler and 1 newborn

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Sarah said...

Ha ha ha.. remember when they were running around and Sam didn't know the sink was right behind the curtain and she bumped right into it?? Sooo funny!

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