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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thirty, flirty, thriving...

I suddenly remembered the movie now that I am about to turn thirty, the mantra wherein the lead star played by Jennifer Garner envisions herself at this age...thirty,flirty,thriving. I am not so sure with the latter descriptions but the thirty part I definitely got :(

So, where am I now that I am actually 30? Have I accomplished much? Or as Carrie says in the series Sex and the City... Are we getting wiser or just older?

I am quite happy where I am now, I might not be where I'd want to be career-wise since we are still in the so-called adjustment phase but I must say that my biggest accomplishment is having two beautiful babies and being able to experience all of their milestones firsthand... So is this enough of an accomplishment for someone who is reaching thirty?

Enlighten me...and Bear with me,ok?

I guess I deserve to rant now that I am now officially moving to a new box when I answer forms... the 30-34 age group box he he!

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