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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Westin, Seattle and other bonding plan for May 2010

I am getting excited as the days goes by...

Soon, more family members will be coming over to spend their time with us...

So far, the only planned activity is a trip for an overnight stay at Westin, Seattle for a great price of $159/night for 2 rooms... Mom and Ken as well as Kenny and Alanna will be joining us.

I can't book trips right away because my mom and brother will be arriving on May 1st and I don't want to keep my hopes up befote they really are here before I get too excited. It is still a month to go and plans may change...My brother in law amd his wife will be arriving on the 7th from an earlier trip in US of A.

I do have some that are planned on top of my head:

* Victoria probably wo Kelvin and Kenzo
* Whistler day tour or if I find a hotel with a good price, an overnight is even better
* Downtown by skytrain and seabus then Canada Line route to visit the Airport and other new stops
... Still thinking since I plan to tour them to nearby places furst before going farther...

I'd love feedbacks on great places to go that won't require me to break the piggy bank :)

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