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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Incentive... to drive

Up until now, I haven;t had the chance to go for a learner's knowledge test. Between two kids and a job... I am way too busy to have a moment to sit and study.... But sometimes there are reason that will give you the extra push.

First, I am thinking that Kimi is about to go to school and I can;t imagine taking the bus with a toddler every school day... Look at the amount of time it will take from my day.... :

....but the next incentive is.....
* Look at all the knobs and buttons...
I haven't explored this fully since I just rode this two short trips but I am really amazed at the Navigator system that is built into the system... Garmin GPS is user-friendly but this car's navigator is really state of the art..
...and the radio! It has an option of a satellite radio which you can subscribe and pay for monthly at $15/month, sort of like a cable...on radio a plug inside for charging

a new car (not mine!) that will be left in the garage waiting for (ahem) me to drive it around... :)* And the next guy to drive in the family :)

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