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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kenzo @ 4 Months

A more interactive Kenzo this month. The little guys always want someone giving him some attention. He is now using his voice to call attention when he feels a bit neglected.

* Who's sweeter? Can't decide :)

The little guy doesn't just grab people's heart but is finally able to focus on things within his arms length and get things. And boy, what a tight grip he has! A little possessive, aren't we?

* Camera Shy?! NOT!

He is now too big for pampers 1 and he has undergone home trimming several times this month to tame his hair :)

* Military guy. Push up

His favorite pastime is waving both his arms and feet excitedly. He is getting heavier and he is getting bigger and bigger right before our eyes.

* Our little hunk

Don't grow up too fast little one and we love you so much.

Happy 4th Month...

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