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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Kimi's Fashion Plate

I finally got the chance to Mix and Match Kimi's clothes with the new ones I have bought from yesterday... A great deal! Hat at $0.99. I believe that the accessories spice up the whole look :)

* Beret from Children's Place, Shoes from H&M
Thanks to Auntie Sab for this low waist dress

* Beret from Children's Place, Dress and Shoes from H&M

* Beret and Turtle neck onesie from Children's Place
Thanks to Guama for the Leather jacket and plaid skirt

Wait till 'the' girl got this on her back.... It would look way better :) Some Sneak Peek to her fashion session. Model: Kimi
Stylist: Mommy Mel
Photographer: Daddy Karl
Wardrobe: Thanks to Ninang Ciara for the Wrap jacket. Dress and shoes from H&M


Anonymous said...

Love the outfits! :)

meL said...

Thanx sab :)


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