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Friday, June 18, 2010

Kenzo @ 6 Months

Kenzo, you are officially half a year old now. I am about to start solids on you now... You don't drink a lot of milk but loves to sleep a lot. You love to have someone playing with you all the time.

* Siblings hanging out at home

You got your 3rd shot of your life which is the 6th Month shot today and you know weigh 7.92kg (17.46 lbs). You are bow 65 cm in length.

* A Little Cutie... in his new jumper

You still drink 180ml of milk but doesn't finish it up to the last drop. You put out your tongue when you want mommy to stop feeding you. You also love being a little shadow to mommy at this age. Wherever mommy goes, you crawl your way to where mommy is like a little soldier trying to protect his ladylove :) he he!
* Uh oh, my Atchie Kimi is not around for a picture

*It's now my turn for the exersaucer...

You are a snorer too! Oh Boy! How you snore when you sleep.....

You are such a crier as well. Whenever you wake up and realizes that you're not in anyone's arm, he cries loud.... As in ear piercing loud...and it doesn't stop... His face goes all red as if he is being taken advantage of.

* Military Cut

You also had your first official haircut. Now, you are officially a little soldier with your military haircut...

oooh, my own soldier  :) I love you little one. You protect Atchie Kimi and Mommy when Daddy is not around, ok?

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