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Friday, July 30, 2010


K and I bond on Criss Angel shows on our living room. We love how he performs and amazed at how he does some of his tricks...

Now that the trip is secured, we both want to see criss in action. I found a summer deal of seating category 3,4,5 at $50/pax and wonders if buying it before tge trip is worth it or going there and finding a better deal is a wiser decision.

They say that they sell tickets in Vegas at half price and it's cheaper with dinner included.

I haven't been there yet and all the research on Vegas and reviews from people is giving me an information overload :).

I am so excited :)
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Allegiant's Fly Free extended

1 more day to go...

Read the fine prints and play with he dates and times to get a good deal.

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Las Vegas- booked!

Finally! a chance to be kids-free for 3 nights :)

* Our next stop? Las Vegas!

Just the thought of being carefree again and thinking about myself "only" for 3 solid nights kind of makes me giddy- and guilty. I haven't been away from Kimi for one night she was born... Kenzo? hasn't been away from him for more than a night, and it was just once...

* Mgm grand- Grand tower

I deserve this and it's booked anyway ;) so gotta push the guilt feeling and just enjoy :). K deserved this too because he hasn't had a vacation since we came here. The only VL he used was when I gave birth and it was far from what you'd call a vacation ;).

So Vegas, here we come with no kids attached :)

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Parks, parks and more parks..

It's the time of the year again...

nice weather and great company... my little munchkins :)

* Cates Park, North Van

* Cates Park playground

* Steveston Park

* Japanese garden at Nikkei Place

* On the way to park

* Our very own backyard

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday Lunch @ Shang Noodle

A Great Soup and plenty of flavor....


* * * * *

350 Gifford StreetNew Westminster, BC V3M7A3
Tel: (604) 527-3388

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Preparing for Glee

Vancouver's Metro newspaper had this article under the metroscene

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Upward Bound House- Fundraising

Got this from a College Close Friend... Love the concept :) Do help out by clicking the link below

Wanted to keep in touch with all of you and tell you about this new thing I am doing with a  couple of friends. We have adopted an apartment @ Upward bound house (UBH) in Culver City for one year and are looking for some help from friends and family.
Upward bound house (UBH) Culver City provides emergency shelter for homeless families with children. We have completed our first apartment furnish in May and will be doing it again around August/September for the next family in need.

Here is a link for more infomation about our project and how you may be able to help.

Thank you so much and God Bless you all!


Upward Bound House is a community-based, social service agency headquartered in Santa Monica California.  We are a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1991 to help mitigate the affordable housing crisis on the Westside of Los Angeles County and specifically, its impact on two vulnerable populations:   homeless families with minor children and very low-income seniors.
Upward Bound House fulfills its mission through Family Place, its transitional housing facility for homeless families, and Senior Villa, its affordable housing facility for the very low-income elderly, both located in Santa Monica.  Our newest facility,  Family Shelter, is an emergency shelter for families with children located in Culver City.
Connecting our Santa Monica facilities and our surrounding community is our innovative S. Mark Taper Foundation Intergenerational Center, a place where the three generations housed at Upward Bound can interact and receive services that will allow each resident to lead an enriched, empowered and independent life.

  • 10,100 children are homeless on any given night in Los Angeles county

  • 7,998 of these children are living in places UNFIT FOR HUMAN HABITATION

  • We believe in the mission of Upward Bound House and we believe in the power of design and how a persons environment can have an impact on esteem and self it can inspire and transform; be it a 5 star hotel room, or a transitional shelter.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kenzo @ 7 Months

Kenzo.... A Little joy to both papa and mama.

You are quite an active baby by this age... So much curiosity coursing through that little cute body of yours.

You are wearing Size 3 diapers and eats solid food now. You love your cereal and the bottle baby food. You always bang your hands excitedly while having your lunch and signals the end of lunch when you started crying   and using your tongue to push the spoon when you had it with meal times.

* The First Birthday Party you've been to

* Taking a peek from your swing

You go to playdates with mommy and really behaves. You love baths and walks in the morning wherein you just lie down on your baby carriage and sleeps while Mommy and Atchie Kimi pushes you.

*This is too tight already....uh-oh

* Playdate at Auntie Sarah's

You love love love to be carried...ALL THE TIME. Uh oh. You expresses your dismay over being left in the playpen or crib. You can let out quite a scream... Such high pitch voice....

* Bellis Fair, Bellingham
US of A

* Such a daredevil...Mommy has to keep an eye on me

You had your first trip to US this month too. A shopping spree with everyone in the family :)

* Such an enigmatic look...
Girls beware

* Deer Lake Park

You love picnics... and just love being with people...

*Playful with Nana

Can't wait what you are going to be up to next month.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Dad's Love

When I was young, my dad and I had a lot of pictures... I could feel the love shared just by looking at those old photos.

I have a lot of fond memories of bonding over school projects with my dad and even if shared photos between the two of us got less and less as I grew older, I will remember the love and sacrifices that he did willingly through all the years...

As years passed, there were more pictures with friends than with my parents. I just wish that we have more photos together during every stages of my younger years and I will try and take as much photographs for Kimi and Kenzo together with us to enjoy and remember us by when they grow up.

I really miss my dad a lot...Actually, I miss my family :( I miss being together as a family- the laughter, the sharings...

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Michael Cinco... a genius

I first blogged about Cinco when I saw Ruffa donned his creation...


How I wish I'd be able to wear a dress as pretty as this in my lifetime...

Now, Michael Cinco has done it again with a beautiful dress worn in the newest fashion teleserye, Magkaribal.

Two thumbs up Cinco

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Pretty Little Head

My mom always sings Kimi a song that goes

Pretty Little Kimi... and Kimi answers...

yeah yeah!!!

After 31 months, Kimi finally grew enough hair for me to play with.

... and the Pretty Little Kimi becomes pretti-er :)

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The Little Entrepreneur

Kids today are way too advance....

when I first got the itouch, Kimi started tinkering with it without knowing what it was

She started with the puzzle applications and mastered them right away. She loves the piano application as well as the drawing applications.

Now, she has moved on to another level. She is doing real adult games and she really understand the concepts of how the games work!

My 2.5 yo baby girl is now into the Entrepreneur related ttpe of games... a Big Whoa!

* How to run an ice cream parlor
Title: Ice Tycoon

* How to run a hospital
Title: Are you alright?

* Running a restaurant
Title: Diner Dash

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Kenzo goes to US

The first time to cross the border...

...getting into the shopping mood :)

* * * * *
Bellingham, US

Perfect Fit

What's better than an Impromptu US Shopping Trip?

...finding the perfect shoe...?!

A Sexy sandal (Last Pair!) just for my sweet li'l princess :)

....and we were exempted from TAX!
double yey!

Bellingham, US


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