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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kenzo @ 7 Months

Kenzo.... A Little joy to both papa and mama.

You are quite an active baby by this age... So much curiosity coursing through that little cute body of yours.

You are wearing Size 3 diapers and eats solid food now. You love your cereal and the bottle baby food. You always bang your hands excitedly while having your lunch and signals the end of lunch when you started crying   and using your tongue to push the spoon when you had it with meal times.

* The First Birthday Party you've been to

* Taking a peek from your swing

You go to playdates with mommy and really behaves. You love baths and walks in the morning wherein you just lie down on your baby carriage and sleeps while Mommy and Atchie Kimi pushes you.

*This is too tight already....uh-oh

* Playdate at Auntie Sarah's

You love love love to be carried...ALL THE TIME. Uh oh. You expresses your dismay over being left in the playpen or crib. You can let out quite a scream... Such high pitch voice....

* Bellis Fair, Bellingham
US of A

* Such a daredevil...Mommy has to keep an eye on me

You had your first trip to US this month too. A shopping spree with everyone in the family :)

* Such an enigmatic look...
Girls beware

* Deer Lake Park

You love picnics... and just love being with people...

*Playful with Nana

Can't wait what you are going to be up to next month.

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