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Friday, July 30, 2010

Las Vegas- booked!

Finally! a chance to be kids-free for 3 nights :)

* Our next stop? Las Vegas!

Just the thought of being carefree again and thinking about myself "only" for 3 solid nights kind of makes me giddy- and guilty. I haven't been away from Kimi for one night she was born... Kenzo? hasn't been away from him for more than a night, and it was just once...

* Mgm grand- Grand tower

I deserve this and it's booked anyway ;) so gotta push the guilt feeling and just enjoy :). K deserved this too because he hasn't had a vacation since we came here. The only VL he used was when I gave birth and it was far from what you'd call a vacation ;).

So Vegas, here we come with no kids attached :)

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