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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Another Summer BBQ :)

Getting into the Summer Groove...

BBQ here and there....
Great Conversations and Yummy Food

* The Main Star, THE BBQ Grill

* Ooooh, Happy Face? 

* Early Birds :)

* (L-R) Nico, Leslie, Steph and Mel

* (L-R) Mel, Twins, Little Kimi, Nico, Candz, Steph and Les

* Kimi with her Zara Top, H&M Shorts and Zara Boots :)

* Stone with Kenzo....Sooooo Qt

Everyone took a turn taking picture with the Little Guy

* Twins and Kenzo

* Steph and Kenzo

* Nico and Kenzo

* Les and Kenzo

* First Lady of the house :) 
Candz and Kenzo

* * * * *
Love the get togethers :)
To more BBQs or any get togethers

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