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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A House(room) in progress

Ever since we started to live here in Burnaby, we only bought the necessary furniture that would make our home function. I haven't got the chance to accessorize out house due to more important spending like milk, diaper and travels he he!

My mom and youngest brother came here last May and we bought a bed to accommodate them but haven't done much so with the room. I really hope that I can find a good deal that looks really good for the room so as to finish it little by little.

For that guest room, I have bought only the basic browns which I hope to add splashes of color to make it look alive...

Things that are now existing are...

* I love this bed... It's a perfect one for the room
Twin bed and seating area during daytime and if there are guests that want to stay with us,
it can be pulled out to make it King size plus it has extra drawers for storage!

* Bedsheet

* Similar to this shade, we have this as blanket for summer time

* This bookshelf is a great storage

* We added 2 doors to the shelves to keep things that need not be seen in here

* Ledge that keeps the pictures in place and keeps the wall from getting too much hall from screws

* A little ledge that makes the room not so crowded but serves it function of holding the TV in place

* This is where our laptop and important paperworks are

As for the things that I hope to add (or something like it).... Please have them on sale soon!
A splash of warm colors to create a completely opposite feeling from the living/ dining area.

* A splash of color on the wall to frame the white window frame 

* Simple artworks

* An interesting way to look at the time

* An interesting wall piece conversation

* Make the bed more alive with this dotted pillow

* Welcome guests with this geometric rug

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