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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kenzo @ 8 Months

Kenzo, you are now 2/3 of a year this month. What have you been up to lately?

This little guy has mastered the art of calling his favorite man in his life... "Papa".... it started as Apa...apa and now it's still the only word he would utter.... :( (No mama yet!)

* Yummy teether

Still on his size 3 diaper, he keeps on getting heavier and heavier and he is now very good at trying to stand up on his own from a crawling position. He is also very fast in crawling as soon as you set him down on a flat surface he is raring to go.

* Standing tall and proud 

The first tooth has also emerged this month and he is taking teething really well. No fever, no crankiness.

* Trying out Atchie's old pooh top

You attended your first BBQ event with mommy's friend this month as well. They all love you. You were a natural charmer letting everyone carry you and smiling your way into their hearts.

* Such a cutie

* Getting up close and personal with Uncle Stone

* Little Handyman

You are also very curious of things around you and crawls your way to things that you want to tinker with. You pushes your way to stand on the entertainment table and fusses with the phone every time you got the chance.

* Cuddle time :)

You also love cuddling every night before going to sleep and whenever you wake up and find yourself away from us, you'd crawl to us and go on top of us then sleep again. Aaaaw, such a possessive little boy.

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