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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Las Vegas' Mc Carran Airport

Arriving in Las Vegas, the first structure that you'll be entering is the Mc Carran Airport.It should have been a warning to me right then and there just how big all the hotels would be just from looking at their airport.

To give you an idea just how huge it is,  we had to ride a train inside the airport to get to our baggage carousel... (WHAT!?).

....and since this is Vegas, there are slot machines all over the place. Almost every waiting area has a slot machine nearby....

* This was the arrival area

* Gate D Lobby

* This is the way to the train going to the other part of the airport

* Arrival and Departure Screens

As for the transportation going to the hotel? We tried the Shuttle bus which costs around $12 average for a around trip. Our hotel (MGM Grand) was really near the airport and we figured out that maybe a taxi would be the way to go if we decided to stay there again next time or maybe a shuttle going to the hotel then a taxi departing from the hotel , BUT if your hotel is in the Venetian area this shuttle service is really worth it.

Taxi rate:

Initial drop from taxi $3.30
Addt'l per mile $ 2.40
Mc CArran Airport Pickup fee $1.80

*Tip: You should probably allot ample time on the departure service of the shuttle bus in case they have delays. Remember, they stop at several hotels before dropping you at the final destination so it is better to be early :) 
* * * * *
Mc Carran Intl Airport
(702) 261-5211
5757 Wayne Newton Blvd 

Las VegasNV 89119

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