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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Le Reve- :The Dream

One of our must do list when we manage to secure our booking with Las Vegas was to see at least one show.

Hubby wanted the Luxor's Criss Angel BeLIEve while I got suggestions for Venetian's Blue Man Group and Cirque's O. I was immediately interested with O, learning that it was a combination of swimming and acrobatic. I searched out the reviews online and was impressed with the feedback from people who were able to watch the show. Unfortunately, O was not available on the dates we were in Vegas :(. Through more searching, I found out about another aquatic production that is related somewhat to Cirque's O considering that the creator of Wynn's Le Reve and O are the same person- and the most important thing is, it is available on our dates... :)

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When should be the best time to get the tickets? That was the big question for me while we were still on the planning stage. I was torn between buying online at full price or risking the chance to watch the show by doing the tickets for tonight booths. I chose the latter despite the possibility of not being able to get a ticket once we got there. It was really luck when the booth nearest to our hotel was the ticket that sells discounted ticket for what else- LE REVE! at almost half the price. WHAT A DEAL! Of course, being a worrier that I am I was torn between getting the ticket and risking getting a bad seat because of the deal but I am soooo glad I bought the ticket because the show was so FANTASTIC!

The sets was really amazing and the technical aspect that goes into that set was really impressive. How many people can say that they are able to watch a show that has that impressive of a stage- a stage that goes from a pool deep enough to dive in which suddenly turns into a stage to dance in, then suddenly goes up and becomes a fountain with people hanging on each level. The title of the show means "The Dream" in French, and  it was as surrealistic as it gets which really fits the title perfectly. The storyline though was a bit confusing on some parts but I was pretty amazed with each segments of the show that I didn't mind that much since I was so focused watching the dives and the dances. 

* Wynn Theater 
Intimate aquatic theater. There seems to be no bad seat in the house. :)

The stage was really a great layout on my opinion. It was circular and intimate and I could say that even if you are at the top most part of the theater you would be able to see everything... I just love how they did the layout since I have been looking at stage layouts of the other shows and read reviews that there are some bad seating that are part obstructed. Unlike those other layouts, this theater literally doesn't have a bad seat, even the splash area in front is also quite good especially you want to be up close and personal with the actors. 

* The amazing cloth flower ceiling that bloomed magically at the end of the show

The ceiling at the start of the show was a swag that originated from the middle of the circle and opens up to the perimeter of the circle. It looks so grand and I thought that ceiling was going to be there from start to finish but I was wrong. At the start of the show the ceiling was suddenly retracted into the center and it opens up to a higher ceiling that amazed me from start to finish. Tables, chairs, lamp posts, and even a bed, etc. came down from that ceiling with people doing acrobatic number on air. 

* Karl and Mel after the Le Reve show

* Le Reve's stunning stage

To those who keeps on comparing O and Le Reve. I haven't got the chance to watch O but I am confident that Le Reve can go head to head with Cirque's O.  The money spent was worth every penny and more...

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