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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The MGM Experience

This was our first Las Vegas trip and since we don't have any comparison on Las Vegas hotels, I might as well relate to you my experience based on previous hotels.

By far, this is the biggest hotel I've got the chance to stay in. It has a map of it's own to help you navigate areas inside the hotel. The lobby was big and spacious and there were people everywhere! I have never seen so many counters assisting check-ins and still there was a long wait.

* The MGM taken from street level

* The MGM Lion taken from across the street

The elevator from the lobby was a decent walk BUT the long walk was from the elevator through the long hall going to the room... and our room was not even at the end of the hall. I wonder how the people staying at those room fare whenever they need to go home and rest. It's such a long walk to the room from the strip also since the entrance from the strip was from another entrance which was a long walk that consists of passing the Rainforest Cafe, Lion Habitat, more slot machines and some bars before the elevator.... plus the walk through the hall to the room. The room we got was a good size and clean, it has a King Bed and got the basic stuffs that every hotel room has except there was no COFFEE MAKER and FRIDGE... What!? I thought that maybe the coffee maker is okay but no fridge? I ask the front desk that I can;t seem to find the fridge (sarcastic?!) but they informed us that you can get a fridge for a fee.... !(#!(*$!&%! Oh okay, fine! What about the coffee maker can we request for that one? They informed us that they have three (which I thought was FREE) starbucks downstairs. Oh okay! So this is pretty convenient... Everything is way too far and the coffee was to be ordered from starbucks!? Hmmm.... fine! 

* Rm 27126.... After a long walk... we finally reached our room 
MGM Grand, Grand Tower

* It looks like a Queen Bed... But it was really comfortable and every night was such a 'dream'

* Welcome tray with lots of Las Vegas brochures

The location of the MGM Grand was a good one with both the Deuce and Gold Line (Another blog entry) stop in their area as well as Monorail at the back (which I still think is not such a practical mode of transportation but I didn't try this since the Monorail is located at the back of each hotel so I guess if you want to explore the strip it is a long walk every time you want to ride the Monorail). If you have kids they will enjoy the M&M and Coke store although MGM is not a hotel I would recommend if you have kids with you for this trip since with all the walking and the game areas and bar that you'll be passing through to get to the room...It does smell like cigarette :(.

* MGM Lion Gold Statue Lobby

* MGM Background at night

They also have a resort fee of $10 per day which includes Wifi, USA Today which you have to pick up on the ground floor store near the elevator, Free Beverage $15 worth per room and etc... 

Overall, it was a good experience and I'd recommend it to anyone who's planning to go there but next time we would try the hotel on the other side of the strip for a change

* * * * *
MGM Grand, Las Vegas
3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109 - 
(702) 891-1111



Mel! The hallways to the room are sooooo long noh? I remembered feeling exactly that but we stayed in Monte Carlo. The hotel rooms are so grand and luxurious... made me feel like royalty for a day. :)

meL said...

yup sabbie, i wish we could travel together soon :) miss u


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