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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RTC Transit for Las Vegas Strip etc...

There are trams, buses and monorails but our choice of transportation for our trip is the RTC's Deuce and Gold line transit.

Maybe it depends from person to person but I originally searched for free trams thinking that it might be the best way to go to save us some bucks but then we found out that every free trams requires you to walk to hotels that offers them and look for the tram pickup stations or areas.


I guess Monorail would be a good alternative if you actually live at the hotels near the station which are the following: Sahara and the MGM Grand, Bellagio and Monte Carlo (with a stop at Crystals),Treasure Island and the Mirage, and Excalibur and Mandalay Bay BUT the stations are off the strip so every time you get off the Monorail you need to walk more to get to the strip.

* Monorail Route
Rates are:
Single ride pass $5.00
One Day Pass $ 14.00
Three Day Pass $ 30.00


Hop on Hop off bus, is another option, I haven;t seen much of these bus during our stay but they do have lots of hotel stops and tickets are good for 2 consecutive days.

Adult $39.95
Children (4-12) $17.95

I don't have much idea where they stop if they have stations that requires walking or it is right on the Las Vegas Strip as well. The "official" starting point in Las Vegas is the MGM Grand but it most likely also takes off from your hotel. Considering all this transportations, MGM Grand is a good choice of hotel because every transportation seems to have a station on their hotel.


* RTC Route

* The Deuce Bus
(Stops on almost every hotel on the strip)

* Clean and Spacious Interior



Lastly, if you love shopping the RTC Lines got a direct route stopping at Las Vegas Outlet and Las Vegas Premium Outlet Store. I don't see that in the Monorail Route and the Hop on Hop off but I could be wrong. I am sure though about the RTC getting to those stops because we went to both outlet store :). It is by far the cheapest and it goes on the strip so every time you go down you enter from the front and not anywhere else. Reviews online does say that it breaks down a lot and we did encounter one of that but there was a bus radioed to take us anyway so no harm done. As for the reviews that says that the bus goes slow sometimes that walking would be faster, I personally likes riding and taking in the scene getting air conditioned versus walking fast and sweating from the heat.

Rates are:
2 hr Pass $5.00
One Day Pass $7.00
Three Day Pass $ 20.00

*Tip: If outlet shopping is on your list, make sure to sign up on their site for free coupon book that would cost you $5 if you get it from their information book, plus you can also print out customize coupon you can use if your buying a lot. I personally love the premium outlet more but the advantage to the outlet store is that it is covered. HAPPY SHOPPING

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