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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Sweet Store- The World of M&M's

What's sweeter than chocolate? Even if you aren't a chocolate lover, you couldn't help but notice this colorful establishment about anything and everything about M & Ms.

* M&M graciously posed with Mr and Mrs Chua :)

What's Las Vegas without a slot machine? Located in Las Vegas Strip, this M&M also sell slot machine souvenirs as well...

* So cute, even the non gambler wouldn't be able to resist this little machine

* Just near the entrance, a life-size M&M

* What else to describe this place- EYE CANDY! 

I was actually hoping to watch the Free 3D Movie inside this store....BUT,

* Unfortunately, Red and Yellow M&M are on a vacation...SORRY

*At least, the movie entrance still looks inviting enough for us to take a snapshot

* For the sweet tooth driver...

* A corner reserve for the M&M gang

* Photo booth... I wish we were able to take a picture here.

* * * * *
M & M's World
3785 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4333(702) 740-2520

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