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Monday, August 23, 2010

U Catch Fishing @ Abbotsford

Fishing for the first time in our life. One of the good things that came out from living here in Canada is the appreciation of the outdoor. I used to think that going outs consists of just which malls to go to this time. That is life in Manila. Malls and malls and more malls...not that I am complaining because I love the malls there but, I finally got to expand my horizon here to more I always hoped that there were more family activities and family outings both in and out of the country spent together with my parents and siblings when I was young and I wanted that for my family for moments they can treasure when they grow up.

* My fisherman...

* A Little "poso" (water pump)

* Grandpa and Kenzo

* Grabbing the fish line to make sure the fishy won't scare Kimi

* Fishermen

 * Mommy takes a picture of Kenzo from below... Worm's eye view

* Checking up on Little Brother Kenzo

* Everyone is checking on the fish, but Kimi is checking something else

* You're so cute shoti...

Fishing equipments are free as well as the bait. You only pay the fishes you catch which in our case was a 12 1/2" Trout that costs $6.50 :).
* * * * *
Silverbrook Farm

364 Bradner Rd.
Abbotsford, B.C.

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