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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Boss @ Metrotown Mall

Metrotown Mall is quite a big mall but when it comes to restaurant inside, there just a few to choose from.

If you want a filling meal at a food court price. I would suggest THE BOSS RESTAURANT. Ambience is good since it was just renovated. Lines are long when lunch or dinner time approaches so be sure to check in early if you don't like a long wait. The staff though doesn't have the greatest English communication skills which can be expected but they can understand the basic words that are in the menu. 

* The Menu

* Mini steak with onion
...hubby loves this a lot

* Breaded Fish Fillet with two over easy eggs
I got the breakfast set meal was for dinner time but they still serve it 
and it was a good portion for me

* Ham with egg noodle in soup
(included in the breakfast set menu)

* Hot Horlicks in double walled mug
(also included in the breakfast set menu)

The best part is everything costs for only $16 more or less... and I wasn't able to take a picture of their rice...It was really big too!

* Kimi's outfit
casual and Fall-season ready

* * * * *
4800 Kingsway, #238
BurnabyBC V5H4J2
Tel: (604) 438-2677


keto_poteto said...

Hehehe.. I always remember u and sab when we eat here. Thanks for introducing the place to me

meL said...

Thanks Dio...


meL said...

....see you one Friday ok?


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