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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Carters and Osh Kosh in B.C., Canada

One of the stores Canadians in Vancouver always visit when they crossed the border is the Carters Store in Washington. Now, we can finally say that we have a Carter store (and Osh Kosh store) here in Canada 
The first Carter Store in Vancouver I went to was the one in Surrey West. It was small compared to the Premium Outlet store located in Seattle Washington. Both Carters and Osh Kosh shares a space and one thing I like about the store is that it is spacious and bright. 
Smart Centre Branch, Surrey West
There were some good deals in store. I got these for $3.99 and below! 

$2.99 for the Onesies boys (2 pack is also $2.99 only!) and $3.99 for the Onesies girls.
Seattle Premium Outlet's Carter usually comes with a coupon which you can use on their store but in my experience, I haven't got a deal this low anyway so maybe what's offered in Canada is worth a look as well. 

Morgan Crossing, South Surrey Branch

I love Morgan Crossing and having a Carters in the vicinity just made me love this shopping location more... There is so much to see here and there are more to come!!! Gap outlet is coming soon :) It says Summer 2010 but I guess they got delayed. 
* Got all this outfits for $2.99/ set plus 20% GRAND OPENING DISCOUNT!

I actually came here thinking that I'd like to take a look at this branch. Besides, a friend of mine gave me her pre-loved outfits so my Little Kenzo actually has a lot of clothes to choose from- BUT, who could resist a 20% discount on top of a very low price?! Not me! 

I also got a really great Winter jacket for my Unica Hija for an unbelievable $25 + 20% discount. It was brown and water proof, hood attached with faux spotted fur. Will try to post a picture when I got it :).

* Kimi posing with one of the toys inside the store.

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