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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I used to remember giving my dad a hard time about eating together while I was younger. it would always start with my dad preparing our meal. Yes! it is my dad who does our cooking... then asking all of us to eat together. I always remember that I am always the one with numerous excuse and asks them not to wait on me, but my dad is very strict with his 'Eating together' rituals and I am missing that a lot now that I am far away...

I can finally see the importance of having something as simple as meal time to unite and bond as a family. Thanks dad! I am going to do this now that I have my own family.

I have heard about FaMEALy Day recently and am all for it.


Through the untiring efforts of Lucky Me!, the first National FaMEALy Day – Araw ng Pagkilala na Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga was launched in 2008. FaMEALy Day became a nationwide call to celebrate family dining every 4th Monday of September as supported through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed between the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the National Committee for Filipino Families (NCFF). Last September 30, 2009, Presidential Proclamation 1895 was issued declaring the commemoration of the Filipino Family Day every 4 th Monday of September. Coincidentally, National FaMEALy Day coincides with the first day of DSWD’s National Family Week.
While Lucky Me! has embraced the advocacy as its own, through the annual celebration of National FaMEALy Day, it also envisions for the advocacy to have a “life of its own”, able to ground and spread itself more and more, even independently of the brand.

This year’s National FaMEALy Day will be on September 27, 2010. Mark your calendars now and pledge to eat dinner with the family!

... better yet! make each day a FaMEALY Day.

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