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Thursday, September 30, 2010

First step to driving...done!

I finally got the courage to take the knowledge test for driving after a year of making... ahem, excuses.

... and yes, I passed :)

but, it was really nerve wracking for me and had to go to the ladies room as soon as I arrived the center. I didn't tell anyone of my plan to take a test today. I just asked for a day out to study the driving book and went straight to the center to keep me from backing out. As fate was on my side...there was no one on the registration line and after a quick trip to the bathroom, I was up for the test! Eeeps! No time to review, or get scared. I figured that if I did fail, no one knows I took the test anyway he he! Despite the numerous sms messages from my hubby, asking me if I am already at the library (my original plan) that time when in fact I was already in number 20 of the questionaire and my heart was thumping so loud and fast, I will not be surprised if the lady beside me could hear my every heartbeat... It doesn't help at all when I heard a loud declaration from the counter stating that the lady beside me just failed and while in the middle of the test, someone called my name to take my picture. What?! a half time break?!!! Whatever it is, I am so happy that I don't need to go through that again ;)

Hmmm, I hope I can control my nerves on the road test. Know any good instructor here in Burnaby or near here?! Referrals please!

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Diorelle said...

Wow congrats! I studied before with ahmed, mabait siya and pinaka mura at the time, 2008.

Refresher lang naman kukunin mo? For class 5? Magaling siya magturo. Good luck! Sa coquitlam pinakamababait na driving examiners, masungit sa burnaby.


Wowwwww! Congrats Mel!!! :) You did it! You aced it! :)

meL said...

Thanks Dio and Sab

Dio, di ko kasi alam if I am rusty behind the wheel na but I will try to use our car to practice before I take on lessons...

I am so nervous with tests kasi...super kakahiya if ninienyerbos ako...


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