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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kenzo @ 9 months time really flies. You are such a big boy now. A little on the "too" active side at this stage. You have 2 lower teeth right now and still wearing a Size 3 diaper. You are now 22 lbs and is on the verge of trying to walk. Walking with support on anything vertical just to keep you on your toes and you walk so cute...sideways and on your  toes like a little ballerina....(oops!). 

You love to explore the house outside the crib and away from the confines of your exersaucer... you like going down the couch on you own. Of course, Mommy doesn't allow you to do that (yet), you are way too young to go down the couch, -HEAD FIRST! Such a daredevil or maybe your sense of danger hasn't developed yet.
* A Little Man on his striped polo and slacks...

* After a fishing trip with the family

You love rice a lot!...and gives a really big and cute grin whenever you got your rice wish.You love sweet flavored baby food like sweet potatoes, banana, apple.... and doesn't like the taste of chicken with vegetables, beef and turkeys although you do eat them when you are in a better mood.

* Trying to grab mommy's camera

* Are you trying to get something from the fridge too?!

When sleepy, you do a tantrum and wants a cuddle. When positioned for a sleeping cuddle, you love pinching mommy's neck until you fell asleep... (Ouch!). You also wake your sister Kimi every morning... As soon as you wake up, you crawl to Kimi's side and pulls her hair to wake her up. It's a good thing Kimi loves you a lot, she just smiles in spite of the painful morning wake up call from you. You are a snorer too! You can snore as if you had a very hard day at work ;)... You can finally sleep through the night too :) and drinks at around 7:30 or 9:30 am...Finally! A normal sleeping pattern....Double yey!

* I love to bite these little pudgy toes

You are now at the point wherein you look at Atchie (Older Sister in Chinese) Kimi adoringly. You always likes to copy whatever she does and likes whatever toys she is holding...I can feel a sibling rivalry soon, NAH!...

* Carter's Ahoy Pirate Set

* Ready for duty sir...Carter's Military Set

You are also such a sweet little guy. Slobbering kisses on anyone you want to turn your charm on...but, you always left some souvenir saliva as well (he he!). 

I hope that you will continue to be your sweet little charmer as you are now and grow up to be a really fine man. We love you Kenzo... 

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