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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Love Affair with Mickey Mouse

Having two babies with birthdays that are two weeks apart gives me some sort of a dilemma. Themes are now narrowed down to unisex one to accommodate both kids. A lot of themes comes to mind but Disney's Mickey Mouse clubhouse is the one that sticks out for this year's party. Aside from the colors that would surely attract both the young and the young at hearts. I just love how classic it is - timeless....

* Preparations are going way too slow...

Preparations in Canada for a party is quite different than that of in Manila. Creativity and practicality is a priority since you have to do basically everything on your own for labor is very expensive here :(.

Kimi is so into everything Mickey Mouse now that she learns about having a Mickey theme party and she points to everything Mickey whenever we are in the mall he he! Talk about building up her excitement for something that is months away :)

* Kimi with her present favorite character :)

Whatever happens, I'm sure of one thing. Kimi and Kenzo's birthday will be a labor of love from Mommy and Daddy :).

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