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Monday, September 06, 2010

M Resort's Studio B

There are so many things happening after we came back from Las Vegas that I kept on delaying on the entries. 

One of our "must do list" is eating a buffet in Vegas. There are so many ads regarding the "BEST BUFFET in LAS VEGAS". We decided on M Resort's Studio B. I love the reviews about them and about the idea of live cooking studio in monitors which we weren't able to see since we were seated inside :(. The interior was really good though and I love the different textures used to make up the entire eating area. 

* This is the area that will greet you upon entering the Dining/ Buffet area

The wait was really long. We had to go through two lines to get into the eating area. One was a looong line to pay and then another one to enter :(. There were actually a lot of empty tables once we got in.... so why the long wait?!

* Posing on the waiting line... (good thing you can still smile while hungry he he!)

One consolation was the array of food that awaited us inside. I got lost in all the King crabs and the Prime sirloin was really good... I didn't notice much of the selection because I was really happy eating away on the King Crabs....YUMMY! 

* All happy and full

* Pose Vince! PEACE!

 * Another Take :)

* * * * *
12300 Las Vegas Blvd
HendersonNV 89044
(702) 797-1000

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