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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tukwila Hotel booked!

I am so excited for this week's weekend trip :)

Secured a hotel for us and what's great is that we used the Reward points and some Canadian dollars to pay for it,
just paid around $20 for a night'stay... Good deal huh!?

... Will post pics soon

* * * * *
Marriot Courtyard South Center
Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) , Washington USA
* * * * *

Seafood City,
here we come!
* Jollibee
* Red Ribbon
* Chowking
* Tokyo Tokyo
...where shall I start

I am excited to just see the logos from my Manila Fastfood favorites once again
but it would be better if there are no long lines so we can sample each of these restaurants too!

* * * * *
Seafood City Supermarket
North side of Westfield Southcenter
1368 Southcenter Mall #100, Tukwila, Wash

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WOWWWWW :) Enjoy your vacation!


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