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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yoshinoya in Vancouver?!

I was craving for Yoshinoya and Manila and mentioned it to my officemate. Much to my surprise, she told me that there was a Yoshinoya-like Restaurant in Downtown,Vancouver...

That got me really excited, then she told me the name of the restaurant
GYUDON-YA (Gyudon literally means Beef Bowl)

So on Saturday, off we go to try this out :)

* The Menu
Just the basic menu

* Trying to figure out what she wants...

* Haven't had coke in a bottle for awhile

* Gyudon Bowl (Beef bowl)...
It was okay but the spice from Yoshinoya really makes the meal great for me

* Chicken Menu Set (with salad and miso soup)

* My Hubby and Little Princess, Kimi

It definitely looks like the bowls back home
the taste is ok but I love Yoshinoya's better...

* * * * *


500 Robson Street

VancouverBC V6B2B7
Tel: (604) 569-0259

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