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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 things I appreciate from my family

I love doing the top ten things to be thankful for about my hubby that I decided to make one for my family too...

10. My dad bonds with me over school projects. He even lose sleep over making some of my projects and I even got awarded for some of it....ssh! That's how good my projects turned out :)

* Dad and me 2006

9. My mom always listens to my problems without any judgements and she never beliitles my petty complaints when I was young. I could even remember her being very concern about a quarrel with a best friend when I was young that when I decided to talk to my bestfriend at her house, she went with me and stayed at the other room just to offer moral support.

8. My brothers are very protective of me. I remember my brother, Eric, being extra cautious when I was dating. He'd check on them and report to me just so I'd be on the know he he!

* Ong siblings 2006

7. I really appreciate the efforts my brother did on my wedding day. My youngest brother who never sang in front of a crowd, sang a song for me and my younger brother, Eric made a speech for us (he never done speech for anyone too!). My hubby also did his first song number on the wedding too ;)

* May 2010

6. My parents also makes an effort to fetch me to and from school everyday via driver or my dad despite the busy schedules. We only had a car then so they really alot enough time to make sure there is a car everytime we are dismissed and I could remember that there is always someone waiting for me by the gate to give my lunch when I was younger.

5. My parents always let me decide. They trust me enough and believe that I will know what is right from wrong.

4. My parents made us sleep in one room. It forced us to spend time together :) which was good.

* May 2010

3. My brother, Eric, came here all the way from Netherlands during the time I just gave birth to help me with things around the house... He paid for the trip to come here and help me plus he brought a whole luggage of gifts for us... Sniff*

* December 2009

2. My parents does errands for me from Manila a lot. They help me with my online selling. I don't think any parents would do that willingly considering they have a business to run too...

* Goodbye single life, hello married life... 2006

1. All my family are there for me when I need someone to lean to. They may be far but I can feel their love even from a distance....

Thank you :) I miss you all a lot!

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